Soros’s Fake Democracy Slouches Toward Tyrannical One Worlder-ism

May 28, 2013 Everyone knows that George Soros is a hard leftist and that his hate-filled rants against Bush II and U.S. conservatives are at once paranoid, delusional and tinged with psychopathologies as yet undetailed in full. And yet we are somehow supposed to swallow this irresponsible narcissism along the same lines as the other Soros ploy… that Islamism/jihadism must not be detailed because somehow it offends the criminal actors.

"A tyranny of the American Left designed not just to chill free speech although that is a primary goal. What has evidenced itself in the Obama era is a tyranny designed not just to silence dissent, but to deliberately, willfully damage if not ruin outright the reputations and businesses of Americans across the land."

We say that Soros sells fake democracy because….he and his ardent actors so do. Here is a twisted Report on Soros groups selling twisted government inside Cambodia, of all places…to tell us that Ecuador and Venezuela are great models for Cambodia [see page 65/page 79] because they have succeeded in ending accountability and transparency [sometimes called the Washington Consensus] and are doing just great when indeed these lands are today repulsive for their rampant crime, theft of personal property and state-backed practices of murder and destruction of any opposition. These 2 nations are nobody’s role model unless….you think Castro’s Cuba is great too. This dishonest foreign lobbying is in fact what US taxpayers gift to Soros and his overpaid actors to enthuse and install in dark places:

The Cambodian Comparative Law Journal is a tax-paid fraud through yet another of the myriad Soros so called NGOs/501 c 3 groups, the East-West Management Institute [EWMI] which hired numerous Hard Left "authorities" to detail/ sell their canard, also with the assist of the American Bar Association’s paid so called legal experts, to hapless nations. As long as Cambodia is itself a rent seeking nation, a dependency state of hand outs at @ 15 million persons, living with ½ its GDP from donor nations, NGOs of questionable aims continue to co opt these lands with weird, twisted governance and power sharing which is a huge problem of these rent seeking so called NGOs whose own goals are to stay in the consultancy business and not to graduate these fallen nations to productivity…scant national integrity will flourish.

The Harvard Business Review cheerfully extols the Soros NGO/government contracting model as "leveraging" so called philanthropies in to taxpayer funded mass projects. While cheerfully inchoate and almost laughable in its childish review, this article does paint a solid achievement by Soros: taxpayers always end up married to his programs to eschew One World glories while also selling variant social projects as door openers, such as more taxpayer funded abortions, narcotics and euthanasia, incorrectly deemed human rights.

Soros’s so called philanthropies are in fact marketing tricks. Soros’s so called non-profit entities, called tax deductible, are in fact for profit government contractors with an edge…and that edge is always gaming the human wish to act charitably while no Soros entities are ever honest nor fundamentally charitable.

It cannot be underestimated the effects of activities of and by governments and its paid employees operating with outside-government but literally married with non-governmental assigns for One World political suasions even while planning to cause harm and actually harming vibrant voices.

In this instance, Americans still do not know the roster of Soros/U.S. Democrats who benefited from the US IRS gift of private data regarding conservatives, thus securing for the groups tax payer funded "opposition research" which many of these groups used with gay abandon to cause political and personal harm.

As for the U.S. IRS criminally [sic. 26 USC 72.14] joining to cause harm to free speech and open media, the following article details only a miniscule roster of acts in conspiracy to cause harm, both financially and constitutionally. Tens of thousands of small and mid-size businesses and individuals who supported

so-called conservative media and actors have been and are targeted yet today. Numerous reports emerge that all U.S. federal agencies are involved in the vetting and reprisal business, also seen in specious attacks on some U.S. media, with the newly revealed de facto politically married with Soros political goals Enemies List, even going so far as to deny Freedom of Information [FOIA] requests to citizens seeking information.

Today, the USA is waking up to the newest import to North Americans: internal tyranny which of course means that democracy is being murdered.

One half of Americans correctly are pushing back. Ecuadoreans must also stand for what few values they hold and reject tyranny.

- PedroCamargo for ECrisis

Cuban Communism's Survival Plan: Convert & Ruin

Here is a print of Olavo de Carvalho on what is the real story in South America.

Compare and contrast this review by Olavo to the new Soros-backed so called OAS Report on Drugs in the Western Hemisphere.

The OAS Report on enabling drugs expansion while ignoring actual remedies to stem abuse, is chock full of avoidance: avoidance of facts while pretending that it does not matter that over ½ of all Latin America carries on expanding formally and informally its state run corruption and rejection of accountability, independent justice/due process, free + fair elections as well as cutting off religious liberties plus ending open media and free speech, even as corrupt statism/vast crime schemes roll along. It is impossibly dishonest to pretend, as the OAS does, that narcoterror can be curtailed in a framework structurally crafted today to further the very thing the OAS’s pretext would have one believe can be achieved in a vacuum. Criminality today does not exist in a bell jar. Its oxygen today is vibrant and real. And growing.


Also follows is a May 2013 article from Castro’s state media, GRANMA….so one must take its reporting carefully. However, the quotes are more than likely authentic, “Balaguer emphasized the significance of the victory, in 1998, of the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela and its historical leader, Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías, a revolutionary event which has completely transformed the situation in Latin America and the Caribbean. The integration project which is being consolidated today, in which Cuba has assumed an important role, after three decades of aggression and isolation, would not have been possible without the Bolivarian Revolution, without Rafael Correa’s Citizens’ Revolution in Ecuador, without the first indigenous President in the history of Bolivia, Evo Morales, or the impulse provided by countries such as Brazil, Argentina and Mexico, as well as the support of every one of the nations in our region, Balaguer asserted.`Who would have thought a few years ago that Latin American integration could be achieved without the U.S.? For good reason, President Raúl Castro described the creation of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) as the most important event in the last 200 years,’ he said. Balaguer cited Raúl’s words expressed during the last CELAC Summit in Chile, `Without our unity, nothing will be possible and everything accomplished could be lost.’ `As Raúl said, the only guarantor of the real independence of our countries is integration. And this is the direction in which left parties must play a role, united, impacting the reality in each of their nations, even within the system, which can be noted in the emerging processes.’ All Latin American countries, he said, are still extremely vulnerable to U.S. aggression and maneuvers by the bourgeoisie, as has been seen with the coup in Honduras, the parliamentary power-grab in Paraguay and destabilization efforts in Venezuela after the elections.”


            While the 100 + member Sao Paulo Fora may continue forward as an assembly of working “interest groups”- “NGOs” and assorted communist party and Labor Union groups, this back up chorus…the able bodied dishonest propagandists and activists….are selling actual political and governmental structures called CELAC, UNASUR and ALBA. To date, not one nation- not one entity- has rendered a common sense analysis of ALBA, CELAC, UNASUR, let alone TELESUR and on and on, a dizzying array of state run entities subsuming Latin America, all under the precepts of the Sao Paulo communists to erect structural aberrations for power and money.

            Do you know what these replacement entities of governmental backing do? Their goals? Seen any bona fide factual analysis? No- you have not.

And this is not because these groups are not real and do not exist. The brown out of coverage is “the Rust Curtain” because while growing- really- in numbers and state legitimization- their ideas are as rusty and worn out as a 1959 era tank. And while their governmental take-overs are real….and devoid of truth telling….these real time activities in fact ruin nations economically and morally. No one seems to bother.


Olavo correctly states, “Well, the truth is that Lula founded the São Paulo Forum and ran it for twelve years as its supreme leader. And also the truth is that the FARC, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, viewed that organization in a more realistic manner than the Americans, since they did not take long to realize that the foundation of the São Paulo Forum was the salvation and the future of the communist movement.”


No…the FARC has not gone away nor is it weakened. Like Cuban communism, abject criminality- now legitimized and constitutionally protected in over ½ of South America now- has not gone away. Both have matured in a sense, now formally teamed with global vermin. Narcoterror has not gone away, in some nations closely closeted with actual central governments. What has departed are factual Reports on the Western Hemisphere, Iran’s alignment and in some instances mergings as well as rank training and personnel.

- Pedro Camargo for ECrisis




  "Communism’s “dead” in Eastern Europe. Meanwhile, the Red Spread continues in Latin America . . ."

Olavo de Carvalho explains: "...The São Paulo Forum was Lula and his mentor Frei Betto’s original idea, which was presented to Fidel Castro in 1990, who enthusiastically approved it. The central idea was to unify the continental left under a more flexible and diverse strategy, neutralizing or postponing ideological definitions that could give rise to internal conflicts. The Forum is, without a shadow of a doubt, the command center of the communist revolution on the continent. None of the socialist governments that currently dominate Latin America do anything which has not been previously approved at the general meetings of the Forum...." read more here.

Access more information on what is the Sao Paulo Forum here.


Castro's own GRANMA explains the communist plan for Latin America:

[Havana] O U R  A M E R I C A GRANMA Havana.  May 2, 2013


 Sao Paulo Forum stands the  test of time

• José Ramón Balaguer Cabrera, head of international relations for the Communist Party of Cuba spoke with Granma about the importance of this Forum • Its working group recently met in Havana

Sergio Alejandro Gómez

AN interesting group of visitors arrived July 4, 1990, at the modest Hotel Danubio in the Bella Vista neighborhood of Sao Paulo. Representatives of dozens of progressive parties and movements from all of Latin America and the Caribbean met there over three days, to discuss the crisis of what was then called "real socialism" and propose strategies to confront the advance of neoliberalism.

Never before had such a broad, diverse group gathered in a single event, reflecting the heterogeneous mosaic of the regional left. All had responded to the convocation made by the Brazilian Workers’ Party (PT) for the 1st Conference of Political Parties and Organizations of the Latin American and Caribbean Left, the original name of what came to be known as the Sao Paulo Forum.

The idea, however, had emerged earlier, during a meeting in Cuba between PT leader and future President of Brazil Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and Fidel Castro.


The newspapers on July 4, 1990 were full of the chaotic events transpiring in the Soviet Union, during the 28th Congress of the Communist Party there. The previous day, Soviet Foreign Minister Edvard Shevardnadze had stated, before the 5,000 delegates gathered, that what happened within the socialist camp was of little importance to the USSR.

Present, in the very center of these events, was Cuba’s ambassador to the Soviet Union at the time, José Ramón Balaguer Cabrera, a member of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) Political Bureau.

"I was there," he recalls, "precisely at the moment when severe problems were emerging which would lead to the disappearance of the USSR and the end of socialism in eastern Europe.

"The situation was difficult for forces on the left and revolutionaries in Latin America and the Caribbean. The word ‘imperialism’ was no longer used and socialism wasn’t even discussed. Some parties changed their names. Some even believed that there was no longer the need to make a revolution.


"The meeting between Lula and Fidel, given their leadership and principles, was critical to making possible that first gathering in 1990. Its principal objective was to bring the forces of the left together and demonstrate that, despite what was happening in the world, there were still ways to achieve a social revolution - that a just society with equality of opportunity was possible."


Balaguer recounted that he always kept these memories in mind when he assumed the leadership of the Central Committee International Relations Department, since the PCC was a founding member of the Forum and the Working Group.

Although many were predicting that the new body would be short-lived, for over two decades now, the Forum has held 18 successful meetings in different Latin American cities, from Montevideo to Mexico City, and its ranks have continued to grow, reaching almost a 100 organizations.

The discussion, the dialogue and mutual respect for the positions of every movement have been key to this success, according to Balaguer.

"A common objective has always been sought, taking into consideration that what we are developing is a road toward socialism. There is no model of socialism in the world and the only one which existed, disappeared.


"Another critical aspect," he continued, "has been keeping the focus on the principal enemy - which, from the beginning, has been clear: the United States, intent upon preventing Latin American integration, as proposed by Simón Bolívar more than two centuries ago.



The current relationship of forces is quite different from that which held sway during this foundational period, when neoliberal hegemony seemed absolute and Cuba was the only country in the region with a social project which served as an alternative to capitalism. Now, many of the movements and political forces in the Forum are playing a leading role in their countries, from positions of power.

"Just when it seemed that socialism would disappear from the face of the earth, this revolutionary phenomenon, which we witnessed, emerged in Latin America. The word was again spoken in our region.

"In the history of our continent and that of U.S.-Latin American relations, there has never been a conjuncture like the current one."


Balaguer emphasized the significance of the victory, in 1998, of the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela and its historical leader, Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías, a revolutionary event which has completely transformed the situation in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The integration project which is being consolidated today, in which Cuba has assumed an important role, after three decades of aggression and isolation, would not have been possible without the Bolivarian Revolution, without Rafael Correa’s Citizens’ Revolution in Ecuador, without the first indigenous President in the history of Bolivia, Evo Morales, or the impulse provided by countries such as Brazil, Argentina and Mexico, as well as the support of every one of the nations in our region, Balaguer asserted.

"Who would have thought a few years ago that Latin American integration could be achieved without the U.S.? For good reason, President Raúl Castro described the creation of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) as the most important event in the last 200 years," he said.

Balaguer cited Raúl’s words expressed during the last CELAC Summit in Chile, "Without our unity, nothing will be possible and everything accomplished could be lost."

"As Raúl said, the only guarantor of the real independence of our countries is integration. And this is the direction in which left parties must play a role, united, impacting the reality in each of their nations, even within the system, which can be noted in the emerging processes."

All Latin American countries, he said, are still extremely vulnerable to U.S. aggression and maneuvers by the bourgeoisie, as has been seen with the coup in Honduras, the parliamentary power-grab in Paraguay and destabilization efforts in Venezuela after the elections.



The Cuban capital was chosen as the venue of two annual Forum meetings, in 1993 and 2001, in addition to hosting the Working Group in 2006 and again this year. This is an opportunity for the dozens of parties and movements in attendance to see first-hand the updating of Cuba’s economic model.

"We are going to attempt to ensure that all Forum participants are informed of the situation in our country and the implementation of the Economic and Social Policy Guidelines of the Cuban Revolution and the Party, in addition to Cuba’s international relations, its positions and principles.

"The objective of this process, as has become clear, is to strengthen our society and the Cuban path toward socialism. We will explain how we are moving forward and the confidence we have that it will be achieved.

"Maneuvers from abroad, which attempt to assure that our changes lead to the destruction of socialism, are nothing more than a reflection of a desire that we follow a path that takes us back to the society we left behind."


Additionally, the Communist Party of Cuba will present to those in attendance a document entitled ‘The need for unity within the Latin American and Caribbean left.’ The text, Balaguer explained, calls for unity among left parties which share the objective of forging a different society. It calls for joint work which, while respecting the special characteristics of each participant, can sustain and support the various revolutionary and progressive processes underway.

The Danubio Hotel, where it all began, is today closed and forgotten on Brigadeiro Luis Antonio Avenue, in the modern Brazilian city. Nevertheless, every new meeting, discussion or action that emerges from the group is evidence that, in the words of Balaguer, the Sao Paulo Forum has passed the test of time and continues to be an important opportunity to expand awareness of the need for unity among left parties in the region.



Bill Richardson, Insulza’s Pet Poodle, Lies About Latin Americans

May 6, 2013 Never let it be said that the Organization for American States [OAS] has the discernment to drive home any winning strategy. While all of Latin America breathes a sigh of relief that Jose Miguel Insulza dispatched his overpaid, out of work Sorosite/Clintonian Progressive to Caracas to bless the mess of he Cubanizations of Venezuela….notably deeming their election a mess but refusing to state anything factual in his grand observatoir-ness, we state here today that once again he is a liar, a ninnyhammer, a dimwit and a dunce. Phony elections, phony observers, phony claims to the truth = fraudsters.

You may be happy that Richardson speaks for you. You may think he is correct that no man of Hispanic heritage can ever be a sainted Lateeno because he did not vote for Barack Obama, does not enthuse about missing credibility for Maduro and refuses to stand for an Open Door Policy to flood the USA with more "LATEENOS" who simply want a larger chunk of state Marxist handouts from the USA than they might get at home.

Who among you has a clue as to what to do when your nation runs out of money? Why the rush to the USA because you lie to yourself and others that the USA is rich and owes you stuff because the USA never understood the Latins and their commitment to lying, stealing, fraud and Cuban communism? Well- Bill Richardson is wrong. There are some lovely persons of Hispanic heritage who have not sought to scam others and live off other people’s money. Ted Cruz is one such leader.

But you will never know this from semi-state run LATEENO media such as the despicable UNIVISION and TELEMUNDO or the USA’s PBS, now generously endowed through the dishonest George Soros.

-Pedro Camargo for ECrisis

Obama’s Donor Tommy Boggs Sells Lies About Correa's Ecuador for Profit and Doggedly Pursues Chevron

May 5, 2013  Rafael Correa, as president of Ecuador took former ambassadress Linda Jewell’s advice to heart when she urged, as most all U.S. ambassadors have done in Ecuador since the time of Peter Romero, that woebegone Ecuador should pay Patton Boggs, a law firm which mostly does lobbying, a lot of money. Patton Boggs is not only one of the largest law firm donors to Obama’s elections but is a major money-giver to the U.S. congressional Democrats, also called liberal Progressives or adherents to George Soros’s One Worlders for ` a New World Order.’ When Boggs calls, people answer. When Hungarian [and former Nazi informant for pay] caudillo Soros moves his minions like chess pieces, you can be assured that activities go forward toward his goal of a New World Order….his way.

What has long puzzled Ecuador watchers is the willingness  of the Boggs team, with seeming impunity, to scam one and all. Boggs promises “access” and U.S. support….for massive fees…but ends up delivering fact-free wild eyed claims about Correa’s Ecuador before the U.S. government. Although rarely applied, it remains a crime to lie to the U.S. Congress and suborn perjury and deface truthtellers. Already some members of Congress have correctly banned the visits staged by “ambassador” Cely as well as the Patton Boggs, now teamed with Fenton Communications, as well as scores more, calling themselves government of Ecuador voices. Simply put: numerous elected officials are sick and tired of their lies.

Patton Boggs is a primary lobbyist for Correa’s fake claims that Ecuador deserves free trade gifts from the U.S. taxpayers.

Patton Boggs inserts their false data before their own well-gifted members of the U.S. Democratic Party to secure U.S. taxpayer gifts to the totally dishonest Correa. Patton Boggs also is the primary legal team against Chevron in a racketeering case in New York City. No one knows who pays Boggs for its multi-million dollar legal work on the racketeering case because no one knows where the money comes from. Previously, Burford Capitol- an offshore derivatives/hedge group threw millions of dollars in to the Boggs legal team to secure a win against Chevron for almost $20 billion over a case that has no merit. Burford pulled out over the fraud. Another firm is said to be now funding Patton Boggs. No law demands any facts or disclosure from offshore hedge funds/derivatives funds to pay Patton Boggs to fight against Chevron.

North Americans hate this. They do not like it one bit when unknown, offshore betting groups are involved in law suits against companies, like Chevron, which do have to disclose their every penny. So it is not known who is paying for the fight against Chevron in the N.Y. federal court. Who is it? It is possible that the monetary backers of the Patton Boggs team is a mix of other offshore speculators, hedgers and derivatives boys. The world’s most famous unaccountable hedger is of course Obama’s White House guru, George Soros who holds numerous assets and programs in Ecuador. Or perhaps it is Correa himself, funding the anti-Chevron legal work through his own lawyers, whom he knows and trusts a lot. Or perhaps it is Correa’s new best friend, Iran or Hezbollah or the FARC or some anti-USA environmental conglomerate or maybe a consortia of spot oil traders who despise accountable, on the books oil companies. Perhaps it is a virulent cocktail of many of the above as is the entire Correa government which is not accountable, no honest nor deserving one penny from the U.S. taxpayers.

What we do know is that because of the Ecuadorean government’s refusal to terminate its own domestic non-justice, that is…Correa does truly control all Ecuadorean courts, the U.S. taxpayer does now pay to host a racketeering case against Chevron, based on false rulings by Correa’s own courts. Is this fair to Americans to pay to clean up Correa’s lies, fraud and abuse? Really?  

Is it fair that the same actors lying about Correa’s entire economic picture and his Cuban communist government are supported financially in the USA because too many U.S. Democrats, like oligarch of One World statism Soros, actually have pressed the Obama White House idiots to pretend that Ecuadorean crime, perjury, theft, confiscations, false imprisonment, and fraud is just fine as long as Cuban communism benefits their wallets? Really?

What we do know as fact, based on actual contracts, is that the USA has been funding $hundreds of millions of projects in Ecuador which claim to do one thing and yet fraudulently do another. These paid activities, run through the Obama State Department and its sister US AID deliver lies about Correa’s global crimes.

Never seen –not reported once- are any real time facts about Ecuador’s descent in to lawlessness other than the randomly buried in verbage claims- rarely seen- that Correa’s Ecuador is one of the world’s largest drug export nations. Instead, team Obama might focus on the true claim that Ecuador’s Correa abuses open media, citing as occurred the week of May 1, 2013 a claim that 3 journalists in Ecuador are under fire. Again: this is a false picture. Nothing about Ecuador indicates anything less than the fact that Correa has ended free speech and open media. How many private newspapers, TV and radio stations did he steal? With well over 80% of all Ecuadorean media now contained by Correa….to insert his jointly owned Latin Bureau of Iranian News plus the Al Jazeera dubbed news feeds in TELESUR, Ecuador has no open media even though a small handful of privately owned media remain….for show.

Once a nation passes 50% of all media as run by the state, that nation’s media is over. State ownership of media is a terrible thing unless it is at best one or two outlets while the rest are left alone to compete and deliver the news or programs. Team Obama and the Correa regime lie about the facts regarding Ecuador’s now vanished media, once the envy of the Andes for its vibrant and well trained press.  

Rather than state the full facts, the USA states that 3 actors are in trouble. The entire nation is in trouble. In Ecuador, well over 2/3 of all so called NGO entities funded by US tax dollars are interlinked with the Soros One Worlder idiots and liars. Today, the NED oversees the IRI and all other US AID-State contractors such as the American Bar Association[ABA], currently taking a lot of money to lie a lot about Ecuador’s wonderful reforming justice system. A justice system backed by Correa. So now we see a government of Ecuador run by Cuban communists, particularly Correa and Minsitro Patino. This nation is assisted in hiding this fact by paid actors from the U.S. taxpayers under the Soros-Obama blessed propagandists who call themselves broccoli  farming developers or worse…reformers. This pan Ecuador system is a ruse, a  racket itself which has defrauded Ecuador and of course Chevron.  

Once a governmental entity is more than 50% overseen, commandeered, controlled de facto and actually pays tax money thereto, that governmental entity is no longer free and fair. It is overcome. It has lost its checks and balances. this is in fact what has occurred under president Obama’s State Department- US AID.. Anyone who tells you that this is not true has not delivered any fact based due diligence and is a liar. The US AID mega service provider NED is in fact a Soros pass through entity, colored always by his opaque New World Order prerogatives. Recall that Soros himself has stated on numerous occasions that his work for the Nazis to sell Jews to their death was great because….he made a lot of money. The US AID-ABA team wants you to accept their fairy tale that they are correcting Correa’s pretty fabulous  justice system [ and the Correa assembly/congress]  a small bit, now enshrined totally under Correa’s control to do his bidding, thanks to the 9-08 Cuban communist ALBA constitution of Ecuador. But you knew that.  Ecuador is today a mirror of Cuba with no rights, no democracy and no future.  Ecuadoreans pay a lot of money to keep it that way. North Americans pay a lot of money to help Correa  keep his nation unfree. And the money made by the Soros actors as well as Patton Boggs go unremarked.

The upcoming trial in New York City regarding Chevron is under the USA’s racketeering laws. A Racket is no more than two or more conspiring to do harm.

Chevron claims that a group of lawyers conspired to do harm to Chevron. Chevron has filed- and has standing- before the US federal courts to have its day in court over charges of racketeering.

As this FORBES article notes, leading fraudster Donziger sees his overpaid legal team running away, like rats who always leave a sinking ship. Not long ago, Correa’s procurador stated that it looked like Ecuador would have to pay to defend Ecuador in all this. Of course we do not know what he means….does he mean that Correa will confess his offshore payments to offshore derivatives funds to pay Patton Boggs for the US federal lawsuit, as most suspect occurs anyway?

Will Correa, a man singularly addicted to fighting truth telling every day of his life, ever stand up and tell the truth? We have never envisioned pathological- and now psychopathic liar Correa as a candidate for any rehab. Besides, his closest comptroller, Cuban-KGB trained Minsitro Patino will not loosen the Stasi-style pledge both made to expand the Cuban communist cartel, as they have done, in Ecuador. No…..Correa would not be permitted to reform even if he so desired, which he does not. Once a Stasi-style Cuban asset, always a Stasi style Cuban asset. And Correa knows this….from his youth even as he saw his own Shining Path-Cuban Stasi agent padre shot in a staged fake suicide to prevent him from ever revealing his true self. No- Correa is no candidate for rehab and he is a man who will prevent freedom for others even as he himself is unfree. Mirroring George Soros’s false claims that all he does is sell a better democracy, Correa too sells a better democracy….all lies, all fake and all frauds. What they do sell is a New World Order….their manipulative, self enriching way. Both Correa and Soros are narcissists from birth and are predators. Few observed Soros embracing Correa’s then- DC ambassador at a private 1st Tier Inaugural Party for Obama’s 1st term. Their full body embrace says it all.

But you knew this. To be sure, Soros knows this. And you are as smart as Soros….aren’t you? The rest of US AID? They just do as they are told. US AID in Ecuador has been covering for Correa for so long, their fraud is well in to federal crimes. AS for the anti-Chevron Stephen Donziger and his U.S. Congressional support team such as Congressman McGovern, aided as he was by then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the entire U.S. Embassy in Quito to defraud not only Ecuadoreans but North Americans about the state of Ecuador’s northern provinces, we see Donziger as a useless idiot…a bit criminal whose career commenced with Mr. Alberto Wrey and Sr. Boniface, of all the hideous liars on this planet. Today Donziger pleads poverty….he cannot pay his lawyers to help cover up his crimes. Really? Donziger’s spousal partner and he live in a pretty gosh darn expensive New York posh spot, no doubt worth a few mill. And Donziger has enjoyed his take home pay of millions over the years….to carry on, woodenly, cravenly lying to this planet. Donziger did not do this alone. He may be the poster boy- the target today but nothing in his low_IQ brain could have possibly sustained his activities for 20 years. No- he is low hanging fruit, like a stomach amoeba, easily removed.Which of course begs the question: who is the racket here and to what ends?  Who among us thinks to make money betting if Chevron wins of looses? Who wants $billions off of lies? Who helps sell these lies? And why would the Obama team help?

Our advice to Tommy Boggs as well as the hideous George Soros: get out now. Fold. Depart Ecuador. Too much dependence on Correa’s payments or promises for more One World Order mayhem? You just need the money or the mayhem for more betting rights you say?

We say: lie down with dogs and you wake up with fleas. At best, the unlikable and a-moral [by his own accounts] Soros is a walking flea infestation. We cannot now know who has more fleas: Correa or his paid organ Boggs.

From the Patton Boggs web site:

Thomas Hale Boggs, Jr.

Public Policy and Lobbying
Energy-Related Public Policy
Congressional and Executive Agency Investigations


  • Georgetown University Law Center, LL.B., 1965
  • Georgetown University, A.B., 1961


From He Who Co ordinates over 50% of all US Department of State and US AID contracts, particularly fraudulent in Ecuador selling fake data and fake projects to conspire to cover up Correa’s criminality as if but paid tools for fraud, another close Democrat-Progressive comptroller of Mr. Barack Obama:

--Pedro Camargo for Ecrisis

Regarding Thatcher and a Tale of Two Leaders

April 9, 2013 It is a truism that few, if any, Latin American leaders actually liked and supported former Prime Minister of England Margaret Thatcher.

Thatcher’s total commitment to ending poverty through the respect of the individual [not the state] and her abhorrence to Lite or full Socialist-Marxist tyrannies was easily rejected across South America.

Chile’s Augusto Pinochet held affection for Thatcher who reciprocated in later years although during his presidency, Pinochet and Thatcher actually held no real joint activities outside information sharing regarding the Falklands and a generic commitment to free market reforms, which Pinochet supported successfully. 

Ecuador’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Edgar Teran totally supported Thatcher as well as the USA’s then-president Ronald Reagan, also joined by Pope John

Paul II to circle the end of active Russian-based communism of evil. Teran once quipped that he wished he had been Ecuador’s president in the Reagan-Thatcher years so he could have known Thatcher more directly as he fully appreciated her efforts. To be sure, Teran hosted the only Latin American TV full length tribute from TC TV/Channel 10-Ecuador to Reagan in Latin America upon his death. A copy of this tribute is with the Reagan Library in California, the only one of its sort.

Had Correa not defrauded all Ecuadoreans and shuttered free speech and open media, it is possible that Channel 10 might have been able to run a Thatcher Tribute too. To be sure, the government of Ecuador did all it could, without exposure, to ruining its best global citizen Teran from specious lawsuits, physical threats and efforts to kill him by state actors and goons. Correa of course has a track record of ruining lives and killing off lovers of liberty. Sadly, there will be no tributes to freedom lovers today in Ecuador nor April 17, 2013 during her funeral in London. Defenders of liberty will attend but for the Castro-Correa-Brazilian cartels looming over Latin America, they will not be present to remember the great lady, Thatcher. We will not see her like again.

As the second article below correctly notes, Thatcher imbued all she did with ethics and a certainty of morality. History is already kind to Thatcher. All that Edgar Teran said of her is true and is now so honored.

In contrast, Rafael Correa in all he does, acts with A-MORAL dishonesty and self enriching power grabs. History will not be kind to Correa. There will be no honors for the ruinous, evil Correa.

-Pedro Camargo for ECrisis


April 6, 2013 The Wall Street Journal runs a block-buster book review on yet another smothering, fact-free tribute to Simon Bolivar masquerading as they do for functional history of Latin America and succeeds at nothing but additional revisionist history unworthy of publication.

To any who have plunged in to historic reviews of Bolivar’s life and times, Fernandez-Armesto correctly delivers the counterpunch on Bolivar and the amalgam of lies surrounding this outsized hero of the rebellion who was at once seemingly inspiring and evil. Very little factual history on Bolivar comes from the region although a collection of varied histo-graphies can be in hand as well as Bolivar’s and Sucre’s private correspondence as primary source materials. Caution belongs there also with notable abuse of even  primary archived Lettres of State used as propaganda for “the cause.” Even so, a compendium of source materials is sorely lacking. No historian of merit has ever reviewed the era between 1770 through 1840. No historian such as a David McCullough rises from Latin America to honestly record and review the sweeping era and certainly a whole century of its own history goes begging for facts, even in modern times. Latins hold no honest essentials even of their own origins.  Today this is complicated by the arbitrary political propaganda which has supplanted real life historical reviews across South America in favor of complete revisionist history, a gay abandonment of essential data. There can be no question that Bolivar was the face and figure of the rebellion for many years. Bolivar was a man who could inspire as even a precursory review of his personal correspondence reveals. Bolivar also sustained the cruelest Napoleonic perversions: his art of war included the barbaric pledge of no quarter, whole scale pillaging  plus the rape and destruction of huge chunks of productive drivers of stabilizing societal deliverables, leaving about 1/3 of all the Andes in a scorched earth where before had lain businesses and communities. The militarily-astute Mariscal Sucre was a lesser known but brilliant strategist who was of course the sole cause of Spain’s military surrender. Serious students must ask what was indeed won. The cost of Bolivar’s plunder was enormous and the insanity [Bolivar would likely have died of syphilis which no doubt complicated his already frail, TB-afflicted body and racked his unstable mental faculties] of his out of control military and political  actors, coupled with a debilitated fractious caudillo bands of power and land seekers, was devastating.  

Bolivar was no George Washington. Nothing in his character remotely achieves even any essentials of Washington’s personal fundamentals. Bolivar fully rejected the entirety of the Enlightenment proscriptions and retained an almost mirror like elevation of the worst of the Monarchy-as-God foolishness which catapulted monarchical Europe and the Vatican in to internecine power grabs for centuries while practicing rejections of the basics of mankind’s essential rights in favor of arbitrary, capricious rights to be meted out for favors and power of and by the state. Ostensibly seeking liberty, Bolivar and his heirs of state neither comprehended nor delivered freedom but rather the structural tyranny of cruel and corrupt statism, plunging Latin America in to a historic framework bereft of sustainable guidance for growth and shorn of stabilizers inculcated by commitments to freedom’s promise. This remains today as the cruelest legacy of Bolivar.

The cult of enmity and victimhood thrives in Latin America today.  Latins are born in to a rich heritage on rich soil. Denizens are poor due to statist corruption, born again and again thanks to fake democracy in nations living in fake liberty of their choosing.  For all its prowess, even the church has enabled this dysfunction. Today all citizens can build a better tomorrow. Nothing is holding them back except fear, addictions to manipulative and dishonest, arbitrary living as well as the joys of corruption.  Simon Bolivar proved that this only leads to debilitation. We are not victims but rather are in general seemingly addicted to the soul-deadening cult of victimhood. This affliction is not healthy nor Christian. There is a better way.


 -Pedro Camargo for ECrisis


The Wall Street Journal

A Rebel Against Nature

Simón Bolívar praised liberty and imposed tyranny, excelled in battle but failed in government.

'Bolívar Soy Yo,' a Colombian screwball comedy of 2002, depicts a television actor driven mad by a demanding role. He is playing Simón Bolívar, the Creole oligarch-turned-revolutionary from late 18th-century
Caracas, who risked and lost his bloated fortune in rebellion. Without military training, Bolívar rose to supreme command of armies that, from 1813 to 1824, expelled the Spanish Empire from what are now Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru.

.In the movie, the actor comes to think he is his character's reincarnation—a satirical jab at the late Venezuelan demagogue Hugo Chávez, whose self-identification with Bolívar exceeded reason. Chávez rarely appeared on television without his hero's image to hand; he had Bolívar's remains exhumed in a creepy televised ceremony; he coined the name bolivarianismo for his own jejune ideology, which bore little relation to anything Bolívar ever believed. Chávez even planned what, had he completed it, would have been the tallest such construction in the world: a giant statue of the so-called Liberator on the hilltops of Caracas, to tower over the Americas.

"Bolívar Soy Yo" targeted, to varying degrees, many other Latin American caudillos who have appropriated the Liberator's legend for agendas of their own and also historians who have crafted or transmitted partisan myths about him—nationalist and internationalist, conservative and radical, liberal and socialist, revolutionary and reactionary, Catholic and anticlerical. Few heroes or villains are so manipulable in the service of so many inconsistent causes. Few have attracted so much adulation and so little comprehension. Bolívar's legacy is like a toy balloon, bendable into the shapes of many beasts—all of them caricatures.

The problem of getting inside Bolívar's head is enough to drive anyone crazy. The Liberator's erratic behavior and contradictory pronouncements baffle biographers who try to fathom him and politicians who try to exploit him.

Simón Bolívar was born in 1783 in Caracas to an aristocratic family with roots in Spain's Basque Country. Throughout his short life—he died in 1830 of tuberculosis, at age 47—Bolívar's vocation was equivocal, his character mercurial. He proclaimed liberty and imposed tyranny. He praised civility and waged terror. He exalted fraternity and encouraged fratricide. He revered Spanish-American unity, but his wars helped to destroy it, wrecking the countries they carved out.

Bolívar, imperious in battle, was ineffective in government—"a genius of the storm," as he described himself toward the end of his life, who could neither contrive nor endure calm. He renounced and resumed dictatorial powers like an addict who can't shake off a habit. He could write constitutions but not uphold them. He was a prodigious philanderer who was wretchedly sterile. He had a monstrous sexual appetite—including a taste for sodomizing prostitutes—and tragically little experience of true love, except with the young wife he lost to yellow fever after a few months of marriage in 1803, and the paramour of his declining years, the lesbian virago Manuela Sáenz.

Bolívar was the product of an 18th-century education, privately tutored by some of the New World's finest minds, but he renounced reason for passion, the Enlightenment for enthusiasm and decorum for what he called "delirium"—wild, visionary mysticism. He was a master of grand gestures, but they were morally inconsistent: swearing hyperbolic conspiratorial oaths, freeing slaves, proclaiming "war without quarter," abjuring honors, renouncing rewards, risking his life in showy feats of daring and his armies in reckless campaigns beyond the reach of supplies. Nationalists trumpeted his achievements in the conflicts against Spain, but he ended as a self-professed failure, under sentence of expulsion from countries he had liberated but couldn't unite. In his own summation, at the end of his campaigns, he declared that "independence is the only thing we have won, at the cost of everything else." He expired fretful and impoverished in an uncongenial world, where, he complained, "liberty has dissolved into anarchy and life has become a torment."

Faced with this sphinx, biographers have dismissed Bolívar as mad, condemned him as evil, pitied him as the flawed protagonist of his own tragedy or, most commonly, embraced him as a romantic hero. In "Bolívar: American Liberator," Marie Arana aligns herself with the hero-worshipers, in prose almost as billowy and romantic as Bolívar's own.

I should declare my interest. I am skeptical of heroism. I dislike Bolívar, as I detest all the noisy little men of history who abused their wits in wars, their charisma in cults and their talents in destruction. But it is possible to write a good book in a bad cause, and Ms. Arana has enough talent to do so. She displays her skill in wonderful vignettes: Her portrait of a "lonesome man," who, "as far as love went," was "as solitary as could be," captures a streak in Bolívar's character. Her well-paced narration of an 1828 assassination attempt—from which Manuela Sáenz saved him by squeezing him into her galoshes and bundling him out of an open window—is a minor masterpiece. Ms. Arana's account of Bolívar's last agonized illness, and how "his scrawny frame . . . shook with coughs" amid the scent of hewn cane, is worthy of Verdian orchestration.

Yet the book disappoints. Ms. Arana, the author of well-received novels such as "Cellophane" (2006) and "Lima Nights" (2009), tells us that she challenged her agent by choosing to "leap" to history from fiction. The decision was unfortunate, as she has discovered no new evidence, formulated no new problems and proposed no new theories. The book opens with a terrible howler: an epigraph supposedly from a Spanish "coronation ceremony" of 1550. But Ms Arana's quotation is from a royal investiture oath in Aragon, where the last coronation took place in 1414.

The same haplessness wrecks her account of the late-colonial background: She ignores contemporary sources and recent scholarship in favor of the Black Legend of Spanish cruelty, tyranny, racism and mismanagement. She writes, for example, that Spain "ignored the road to modernization," that the Inquisition "called for penalties of death or torture" and that "the crown moved to enforce strict divisions between the races"—all long-exploded falsehoods. In reality, the vices of empire were tempered by enlightened principles and remarkable prosperity and stability.

The author's fidelity to the anti-Spanish narrative blinds her to, among other things, the real reasons for the Hispanic civil wars of the 19th century. She repeats the old myth of a revolution launched for liberty without grasping the roles of factionalism, particularism, Creole ambitions and the vast transformations that were taking place across the Atlantic world. She mentions Bolívar's famous threat to rebel against nature—uttered in exasperation at popular fears of divine punishment during the Caracas earthquake of 1812—but her account of his wars virtually omits environmental history and overlooks important recent research on the role of disease: Venezuela should dethrone Bolívar as the nation's hero and replace him with the yellow-fever-bearing mosquito, which did far more to defeat Spanish armies.

Good as Ms. Arana is at describing pageants, romantic interludes and tragic episodes, she is unsure in her attempts to lead readers through the complex geography and chronology of Bolívar's campaigns. Her judgments, moreover, are too uncritical to be convincing. We hear, rather anachronistically, of Bolívar's "well-honed faculties for social justice" and "his gift for imparting democratic ideals." He was "highly imperfect," she admits—lofty even in his imperfections. When it comes to resolving his contradictions, however, Ms. Arana is evasive. Did he not ordain massacres? "History," she comments, "would never forgive him" for his role in the slaughter, carried out pursuant to his orders, of thousands of prisoners and civilians from 1814 onward. But she approves his claim to have been merely retaliating.

So why did Ms. Arana abjure fiction for an attempt at history? Ironically, I suspect, it was because her Bolívar is too incredible for fiction: too good, too glamorous, too glorious to be a character in a realistic novel. She offers an interesting comparison with George Washington, whose style, according to the U.S. government's representative in Venezuela in 1818, the Liberator aped and whose character he claimed. The balance of the comparison, says Ms. Arana, largely favors Bolívar, who covered more territory, freed slaves, rallied "all races to the patriotic cause" and, even more dubiously, "changed the Spanish language," which, she says, "in his remarkable voice and pen became another language entirely—urgent, vibrant, and young."

The claim seems bizarre, but her recognition of the change brings Ms. Arana tantalizingly close to understanding the real difference between the eras of independence in British and Spanish America. Two generations separated the events. Washington was born more than half a century before Bolívar. Between the end of the former's wars and the start of the latter's, the bloodshed of the French Revolution doused the Enlightenment. The "sleep of reason" generated Goya's monster-haunted nightmares. Diminished sunspot activity plunged the world into cold. In 1816 the eruption of Mount Tambora darkened the sky. Meanwhile, mass conscription accustomed armies in the West to warfare that was more ruthless, more unrestrained and more destructive than Washington ever fought. Romanticism transformed the language people spoke and the images they imagined. Independence from Spain was bound to be contested and won in ways bloodier and more brutal than Washington experienced.

In an account of a mystical experience on Mount Chimborazo—a document whose authenticity Ms. Arana hesitates to affirm or deny—Bolívar was "seized," he said, "by a spirit, to me, seemingly divine" and surrendered to a vision, "enflamed by a strange, interior fire," of "the God of Colombia who possessed me." One can't imagine Washington writing anything like that or his wildest dreams being quite so wild.

—Mr. Fernández-Armesto teaches at Notre Dame.

Castro-Chavez Correa ALBA Acts Mirror Soros Take Over Plans

March 10, 2013  Mr. Soros and his assigns, his heirs and his huge staff have been doing North Carolina, among others: multilateral entities, nations and locales across the USA, for some time to install his team’s special agenda.  To comprehend some of the do drugs actors is to acknowledge the pathology and anatomy of their multi-year, multi-faceted activities. The United States apparently has not seen its like in the USA

Soros’s sole abiding affection is seen in his acts for installing seductive narcotics access programs as well as his usage of the USA Democratic Party, sometimes called Progressives or the Party of Soros among other names globally. Purchased propaganda, purchased activists, entwined community organizing- so to speak- abuse of actual statistics or denial thereto, as well as pretext to lie a lot under the nomenclature that all is, well, just politics and is not required to be accountable or transparent in this tax-free world of paid, hardened activists. To this is added a blend of victimization as if to sanctify their agenda. This summary is not ours alone. For almost 20 years, various groups,  have been wrongly derided as not being Middle Road or Left Wing enough by some pro drugs advocates or behind the scenes actors who are at times uninformed, shallow  and risible themselves, by simply noting the facts which are available to all if one takes the time and trouble. The North Carolina plan noted below  is one of these times to review the steps taken to insert the Soros – now called Progressive and in step with definable US Democrats or Marxist and others globally, agenda, which always relies on the Door Opener of enhanced access to drugs.

The Soros Plan is called as such  because his money, influence and passion to seduce many a thing is almost always at hand, seems to work as long as citizens fail to act on the genesis of functioning liberty which is to base all acts on an ethical or  moral backbone, well known through Western Civilization and not compel society through expensive manipulations, machinations and fraud, appealing to man’s lesser drives by enabling and legalizing narcissism. Some note that these acts will continue until individuals are repulsed and reject the abuse of facts and the truth. To stand against these multi-headed  “shadowy groups” is to act on self reliance and the disinfectant of sunlight, to quip from a former U.S. justice.

The article below states: “Blueprint NC coordinates with other liberal nonprofits in North Carolina. The Soros-financed Open Society Institute was the third-largest donor to the group in 2011, according to tax forms. Soros has been linked with other shadowy liberal financing operations, most notably the Democracy Alliance. The strategy memo proposes that liberal groups work closely with liberal state legislators on unspecified bills and strategy and try to exploit tensions between various Republican leaders.

The memo also proposes specific opposition measures the group can take against Republican leaders. One proposal is to send a video crew to follow Republican state leaders’ “every move.”  Another is to send operatives to Republican Gov. Pat McCrory’s public events in order to pose “audience questions at any town hall.” The memo contains both a two-year and ten-year vision for the progressive groups.”

Remember this one small review when considering how to move to restore functioning integrity in your days.

-  Pedro Camargo for ECrisis

The George Soros Blueprint for North Carolina

Leaked email reveals shadowy liberal network in Tarheel State

 BY: Andrew Evans    March 8, 2013   WASHINGTON FREE BEACON

A nonprofit organization in North Carolina funded by progressive mega-donor George Soros has been linked to a partisan strategy memo aimed at derailing the state Republican leadership’s legislative agenda, throwing light on the shadowy network of liberal groups that operate in the state.

The memo surfaced as part of a set of leaked documents that also contained liberal talking points and polling data. Stephanie Bass, the communications director for the liberal nonprofit group Blueprint NC, allegedly emailed out the documents. Continue reading here.

We Come to Bury Chavez and Not to Praise Him

March 5, 2013  A quip from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar on the end of all things for the Roman Empire satisfies us for today as we ponder the end of all things for Venezuela.  The  death of Hugo Chavez, as pronounced on March 5, 2013 marks the end of a tiresome Castro-controlled media end run to pretend that Chavez and Venezuela were safely on the rise when nothing could have been further from the truth. To be sure, truth is the essential inquiry here and the truth should have its day. But it is not this day. This day too many lay claim to perpetuating too many lies and too many stubborn lunacies. Many claim  that a single man, Hugo Chavez through the power of his personality led his nation to destruction and with his well-timed death announcement, a “dent” has arisen in the power of the Cuban communist ALBA bloc across Latin America. This analysis for now is shallow and  incorrect.

Almost immediately and with no fact based analysis whatsoever, Chavez’s autocratic Venezuelan constitution which gifted him enormous governing powers and attendant use of his discretionary decrees, etc strengthened his centralized power. Chavez started out with kangaroo courts and his Assembly which, as is typical, became almost rubber stamps for his arbitrary Marxist-communism. The rest of  definable human rights crumbled rather easily once free speech, justice and separation of governmental powers/ no advise and consent transpired, which was pretty early on.

It is impossibly ignorant to fail to comprehend  the effects rendered by the power of a nation to target and ruin the few good persons in any nation early on in a regime. Targeted domestic companies and persons of known moral cores suffered dishonest vilification by the early Chavez team as well as the   theft and destruction of  their belongings and all rights, notably seen in the take over by Chavez of Venezuela’s preferred media outlets – RC TV. Soon thereafter, well over 95% of all media was in Chavez’s control. These are well documented steps and follow a menu which succeeds even without the old visual of tanks rumbling through any capitol, although Chavez had those also from time to time, especially in 2004. Chavez waged an asymmetric war of attrition on his own people while launching a hate campaign against all his perceived enemies- near and far, which were never his enemies anyway except….perhaps the very few who loathe crime and dictatorships. Often we were informed that Chavez built clinics, schools and better roads. Too many like to say that Chavez helped “the poor” although it is a fact that the`poor’ today are worse off than ever. And in general, they are deeply ignorant with a state run education system, based on Cuban curricula- aka heavy on Marxist clap trap and profound factual aberrancies, which is appalling for its brazen dishonesty and incapacity to prepare students to be prepared for their life ahead.

One cannot discount the willfulness of the Venezuelan people and other nations  to turn a blind eye to Chavez’s criminality for preferred hand outs. In every step, Chavez did not act alone nor was he clever enough to pull off all that he did, assisted as he was by the complicity of his own people and the global community which at best said, ` we are worried.’ The sin of sustained “worry” is precisely that… a sin and only furthers the darkening of functioning progress.  The Cuban regime guided Chavez’s every insecure step. Others feared state controlled job cuts and capricious jailings or seemingly randomly occurring deaths which were state paid murders by the thousands.  Venezuelans held massive  protests and lobbed poignant objections, some large scale and poignant over the years and yet foolishly pretended that their own state controlled systems would magically restore sensible functioning as well as law and order. Their self delusion was coupled by  Chavez’s strategy of consistently deployed total propaganda as he/his government preyed on the willful ignorance of his own citizens and others to pretend that they were/are victims of some sort of evil capitalism when indeed it was capitalism which kept their oil fields with customers and the cash rolling in…for hand outs a la Chavez which after a while, came to be held as mandatory entitlements for a willfully ignorant and last politboro. Chavez also bought the silence and complicity of many nations with his cash, such as the tens of millions to Argentina’s Kirchner and oil largesse to others. This is the essence of his cartel called the Cuban communist ALBA bloc, now over 2./3 of all Latin nations and probably more which have not affixed their formal signature thereto. In other instances, he simply opened the door to complicity with global transnational criminals of varying sorts, including the QUDS, Hezbollah & FARC. Nowhere is Chavez’s direction more apparent that with the utter control of the Castro regime, symbiotically entwined in his every step for their own cash and power from Havana. Havana will not lose its cash cow easily.

Men may enthuse for evil but Chavez actively sought evil with the FARC, Hezbollah, Iran, Syria, Libya, etc. He crafted a narcostate in many ways, 2nd only to his petro-state. His weapons of aggression, purchased through Belarus and Russia are quite real and utterly unwarranted except to intimidate and threaten. And intimidate they do as Venezuela rattled its sabers often, now backed by the incomprehensibly bizarre UNASUR confab of twisted rhetoric and foolish rumor mongering.  And still not one nation in Latin America called Chavez out. Excuses were made. Lies grew. Nothing about Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia and Ecuador is honest except their stated policy to be truth-averse. This is the ALBA Rust Curtain and it has rung down. The silence remains deafening No doubt numerous “presidents” are preparing to don their black arm bands of grief and mourn the loss…the loss of an undemocratic, uncourageous and insecure man whose regime and its active components are hallmarked by a stubborn addiction to bribing, buying men’s souls for expanding Latin communism, lying and manipulating.

The evil Chavez did, in the name of expanding Castro’s communist evil, will live on. Not one ALBA nation has restored anything from the many they have stolen from and harmed. In the name of power, Chavez crafted a Hemisphere-wide system of racketeering: he  bribed, stole, threatened and seduced many to acquiesce and/or follow his communist plans, now a real cancer across the Western Hemisphere where honor is scoffed at, the law is a joke and truthtelling is disrespected. No one man can do this alone. It takes a cartel control and men too easily seduced with a hefty number willfully abandoning self reliance, surrendering their liberty for….the cheap and tawdry handouts until they run out of someone else’s money. Worse yet….men like Chavez, following Castro’s directives, thrive by ending hope although hope was never theirs to take away. And still none rise to reclaim the hope that was never theirs to take away.Ecuador’s Rafael Correa in fact follows this pathology perfectly but more swiftly and with less finesse  due to his seemingly lesser oil cash, while actually quite rich due to offshore gas reserves.

Any person or  nation – and there will be many…which attends the Chavez state funeral should be ashamed in their laud for  Chavez which reflects a genuine dysfunction and affection for the dark, not the light. As in life and in his death, all were told numerous dishonest tales of Chavez’s health and his prowess among other reports. But what we do know is that Chavez’s real disease – his legacy- was the cancer of his performance as co-conspirator of a debauched centralized communism which seems more like an HIV AIDS viral epidemic now spread swiftly in the name of Fidel Castro in too many places and the willing partners who rejected sensible governance and bolstered its spread now the black arm banded grief mongers who never once stood up to the disease of duplicity and evil.

The Wall Street Journal hits all the right facts about the Chavez lies as Carlos Eire in Babalu questions why men are so easily seduced by the lies of others:

The best antidote to this scourge? Practice integrity in your waking hours and simply let the truth have its day. Unless and until you do, this will not end well.

- Pedro Camargo for ECrisis

The Wall Street Journal

Updated March 5, 2013, 9:25 p.m. ET
Hugo Chávez
The lesson is to beware the rule of charismatic demagogues.
When Hugo Chávez was elected President of Venezuela in December 1998, the country had endured nearly two decades of political and economic turmoil, including violent rioting, high inflation, huge foreign debts, a president impeached on corruption charges, and two failed 1992 coups—one of them led, and the other inspired, by a brash and ambitious army colonel named Hugo Chávez.

Yet when the Chávez era finally drew to a close Tuesday with his death from cancer at age 58, life for Venezuelans had only become worse. As life stories go, the lesson of Chávez's is to beware charismatic demagogues peddling socialist policies at home and revolution abroad.

That's a lesson one would have thought the world had learned by the time Chávez came to power. By 1998, the Soviet Union was a memory, Latin American countries from Mexico to Chile were successfully adopting free-market policies, and Chávez's friend and role model—Cuba's Fidel Castro—was a discredited dinosaur.

Chávez showed that it's possible to run against the tides of history, at least for a while, and at least if you happen to get lucky with an oil revenue bonanza. When he took power, Venezuelan oil prices were plumbing lows of about $10 a barrel. When he took to the podium of the United Nations in 2006 to compare George W. Bush to the devil, he was high on surging global oil prices that would peak in 2008 at more than $150.

.That kind of money can buy a lot of influence, and Chávez was quick to use it to purchase the political support of Venezuela's poor, the army and a loyal nouveau riche. It also allowed him to become a classic petro-dictator. In 1999 he revised the Venezuelan constitution to give him expanded powers. He used a constitutional assembly under his control to appoint a chavista Supreme Court. He stripped independent TV and radio stations of their licenses and intimidated reporters with draconian libel laws.

Though elections were held on schedule, he made sure to tilt the playing field. For his fourth election last October, opposition politicians were limited to three minutes of advertising a day, while Chávez could commandeer the airwaves at any time. He permitted no debates. Public workers risked being fired if they voted against him. It was the sort of election only Jimmy Carter could bless—which our 39th president predictably did.

Yet despite the populism and government handouts, life for Venezuela—and particularly the poor—has only become worse. While wealthier Venezuelans could flee, the less-fortunate now endure routine food and medicine shortages, thanks to price and capital controls. Prices are more than 20 times higher than in 1999. Capital has fled the country. The murder rate in Caracas is one of the highest in the world. Bridges and roads are in disrepair, blackouts are routine, and untreated sewage pollutes drinking water.

Meanwhile, state-owned oil company PdVSA has been all but stripped for parts. Daily production fell by more than one million barrels over the course of Chávez's rule to 2.5 million barrels at the end of 2012.

Chávez made his mark on the world stage by forging alliances with Bashar Assad in Syria and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Iran, giving sanctuary to Colombia's narco-terrorist FARC movement, providing the Castro regime with free oil, and inveighing loudly against the United States. He succeeded in spawning political imitators in Ecuador and Bolivia.

This brought him some adulation, notably from the usual Hollywood suspects. But the reality of what Venezuela became under Chávez is hard to ignore. On Tuesday the Venezuelan government expelled two U.S. Air Force attaches. Heir apparent Nicolás Maduro also accused the U.S. of poisoning Chávez with cancer, suggesting that the combination of buffoonery and thuggery that Chávez pioneered will continue past his grave.

As for Venezuelans, they will have to fight to reclaim the democracy they once enjoyed. Mr. Maduro lacks his predecessor's charisma or military background, but the institutions of the regime are now entrenched, and its beneficiaries will not easily part with them.

The Constitution requires that new elections be held in 30 days, assuming Mr. Maduro honors the law. Let's hope Venezuelans seize the chance to bury the tragic legacy of Chavismo alongside its author's corpse.


On weeping and wailing and the gnashing of teeth
By Carlos Eire, on March 6, 2013,  BABALU

Chavistas react to the death of their demigod

Many Chavistas are disconsolate tonight.  They fervently believed in a pack of lies, so densely interwoven by a ruthless demagogue that they could not be disentangled from each other, or from the very body of that demagogue.  One of the chief lies they believed in was the invulnerability of their Caudillo, the strong man Hugo Chavez.  Repeatedly, they received assurances that he was on his way back to the throne.  In essence, they turned a mere mortal into a demigod, or, as Nicolas Maduro called him today, a redeemer.

And they also believed in the biggest lie of all: that socialism can really bring about prosperity and social justice.

But death has robbed them of their illusions.  Desengaño.   Disillusionment is theirs tonight.  The redeemer is dead, and they weep and wail, and gnash their teeth.  And when they awake tomorrow they should  begin to face the awful fact that his promises and policies have ruined their nation. Unfortunately, human nature being what it is, these mourners are more likely to divinize their dead man and keep their faith in his lies than to face up to their delusions.  They are to be pitied, for sure.  But they should also be feared.

For many of us Cubans who still can't understand how our nation was hijacked by a charismatic sociopath who was genuinely beloved by many--and still is -- the brief reign of King Hugo offers us a painful mirror image, a lesson in the irrationality of the human race in general and of the peculiar irrationality of  Hispanic cultures in particular, including that of the  bankrupt Motherland, Spain.

Those who love Chavez  -- whether in Venezuela, or elsewhere -- need to be understood in order to be overcome.   That's quite a challenge, perhaps too great a challenge.  Understanding a faith system that is founded on envy, hate,  and intolerance, as well as on unrealistic utopian fantasies takes a great leap of the imagination for those who aren't similarly obsessed.  But we need to try, and we need above all to acknowledge the seductive power of the basest human inclinations, especially among those who have little else to hope for and among self-righteous intellectuals.

Hugos, Fidels, Rauls, Ches, Evos, and Obamas have never been in short supply, and, from the looks of it right now, such men are gaining the upper hand.   We need to outsmart them, somehow, and also to overpower them, much as one would do with any thug.  Their chief weapon is the Big Lie.  Their patron is the Father of Lies, who is also known by many other names.  Exposing the lies and the liars, and ensuring that the exposing never stops is essential.

In the meantime, right now, death has done the world a favor by ridding it of one of its worst Liars.  Unfortunately, waiting for the grim reaper to carry off the lying despots  is not a good strategy at all.   But the mere fact that no man lives forever, at times like this, can sure be comforting.

Shakespeare summed it all up very nicely:

For God's sake, let us sit upon the ground
And tell sad stories of the death of kings...
for within the hollow crown
That rounds the mortal temples of a king
Keeps Death his court and there the antic sits,
Scoffing his state and grinning at his pomp,
Allowing him a breath, a little scene,
To monarchize, be fear'd and kill with looks,
Infusing him with self and vain conceit,
As if this flesh which walls about our life,
Were brass impregnable, and humour'd thus
Comes at the last and with a little pin
Bores through his castle wall, and farewell king!
( Richard II, 3.2.1565-1580)

ALBA Special Agent Baltasar Garzon Infiltrates Argentina’s Pink Palace

Love in the Time of Correa:

ALBA Special Agent Baltasar Garzon Infiltrates Argentina’s Pink Palace;

Demands End of Universal Right to Self Determination

March 3, 2013  Although slightly reported over the past year and more, the tale of Ecuador’s paid global man of intrigue to sell Cuban communist ALBA and create international intrigue by doing what he does best….lying to the public and causing harm, former Spaniard Baltasar Garzon has slept his way in to Argentina’s Pink Palace. Garzon is a paid agent of Rafael Correa’s Ecuador and he is on the job.

Frankly, we consider that this is a match made perfectly for two self-absorbed narcissists who have spent their lives living off other people’s money. They are leeches, now sucking off the taxpayers of Argentina and Ecuador. What a duo! But theirs is not the grand passion one might presume. Indeed not. This is the face of two corrupt, self serving leeches doing the bidding of  others in an appallingly distasteful public embrace of corruption- Cuban communist ALBA corruption.

While it remains unclear to us at ECrisis why anyone would enter in to any relationship with la famille de Kirchner, surely cogniscenti have drawn up a list of the many who have mysteriously died while being under Cristina Kirchner’s spell. This list includes not only Nestor Kirchner but lately the mother of Maximo’s girl friend, assorted Kirchner aides and officials in inexplicably awful sex romps involving lots of leather, leading to death. Both Kirchner and Garzon are complicitous in the death of much….the death of free speech and open media, functioning justice/the death of rule of law, the death of free and fair elections, and the paid rise from the dead of self enriching Cuban-backed strong-arm skills to feed the hungry politburos, unions and criminal cartels which are the hallmarks of their efforts. These acts are the hallmarks of the Cuban communist ALBA cartel, whether Kirchner decides to come out of the closet and formally foreswear or stay in a provocative, dishonest paid relationship thereto. Kirchner has no integrity so what she formally does or says is not to be believed. What she has done is to get in bed with the cartel….the Cuban communist ALBA cartel, now in a three way with Iran’s mullahs for added cash and spice.

One can ponder the special charms of the incredibly silly and discernment-free Cristina as Garzon apparently has dumped his wife and family without ceremony even as he dumped his Colombian and Brazilian paramours, among many serially, last seen living in Spain and before that in New York probably off the Soros-

US AID funds to gain special skills at NY University to launch Garzon’s hideously dishonest law suits against the USA’s John Yoo and Doug Feith, among many. Garzon applied his special affection for illegally conspiring against and spying on others in Spain and earned his one way ticket out of Spain. Garzon is easily bought and easily lying his way in to fame and fortune. It was assumed that Soros paid for Garzon’s children to attend the United Nations school in Manhattan, a tony, elitist spot for pampered darlings of the Left, pretending that they are special…during Garzon’s training camp time under Soros’s auspices in New York before his return to Spain and subsequent ouster for applying his special skills in illegal behaviors, now enjoyed in Latin America.  And for all that Soros only acts when he can tax deduct in the USA, it is not known what the pricey tutelage for Garzon cost but we do know the results: Garzon’s specialty…a feast of lies, slander, libel and false claims…all paid for by someone else to cause harm. Some call this in the USA as racketeering and no one does racketeering better than the hate mongering George Soros, who is Barack and Michelle Obama’s eminence gres, consigliere and their own spiritual advisor [writ political] for destroying what was uniquely delightful about the United States of America. History has not seen his unhappy and despoiled like which includes total access/total influence since the times of Cardinal Woolsey or Richelieu, more recently the Russian czar’s Rasputin who also brought down an empire. Not even Stalin or Adolf Hitler permitted their inner circle such total control by such dishonest, cynical and fear mongering sods as Soros. But they would have recognized his ilk even as Soros himself has confessed he made lots of money selling his fellow Jews to the Nazis for their ravenous death camps and likely moved along with Stalin’s Euro Red movers and shakers while mostly pretending to be a Karl Popper ideologue for more narcissism. Like Garzon, Soros left the wife and kids back in good old Europe and removed himself to New York. He  gained entrée with an anchor baby, a trick well known by arrogant foreign persons who care nothing for the USA but prefer instead to game its benefits while giving back nothing. And so Soros took up with a youngster in NY named Susan, had an anchor baby and married her eventually to gain American citizenship. And then brought over his first family for more fun in the USA, skipping over the waiting line for standard entrée and welcome. No need for that pesky Pledge of Allegiance to the USA, which Soros despises anyway even as he despises himself.  But Garzon seems to have selected Buenos Aires and not New York for the tender mercies of Cristina and the utterly incompetent Ecuadorean taxpayers, now dunned by Correa.

Garzon is a Soros man. A bit player to be sure, Garzon today is a man of intrigue also for Rafael Correa. Hardly a trained asset, check here.  Baltasar is not a dependable Secret Agent Man. But Garzon is paid a lot of money by Ecuadorean taxpayers to sell the false lie that all is wonderful in Correa’s cess pool regime in Quito. Garzon also pops up to lie some more about another parasite, Julian Assange, also the darling of Vladimir Putin’s propaganda set. And however shallow and dishonest, Garzon lies some more about each and every item which he addresses.

Garzon is a paid Ecuadorean agent.  His portfolio is to sell more and more Cuban communist ALBA fraud. And he sleeps with the leader of Argentina to maximize the Soros and Cuban communist ALBA presence, now in the bed of state. And what of Kirchner’s portfolio? Hers increasingly looks like Correa and Castro’s cartel [also called ALBA]: more hatefulness, called her peace plan, more alliance with Iran and more irresponsible denunciations of liberties.  There can be no question that bets are laid down as to when Kirchner will announce her formal relationship[s] with more criminal leeches who live off other people’s money. Argentina  is a rich nation. Argentina has run out of other people’s money and does now export over 80% of all its exports to…Iran. Brazil does this too but Dilma’s Brazil went Soros long before under LuLa, also an avatar of Cuban communism. Brazil of course is processing uranium to enrich it. Brazil is building nuclear submarines and no doubt will one day  soon announce its nuclear bomb building capabilities. This will be applauded by all in ALBA. All of this is unacceptable. Brazil is dishonest, overbearing and impossibly corrupt. Argentina is simply corrupt. It is a distinction. But Ecuador is totally czarist today and fully corrupt. Ecuador controls the Pacific arena’s deep sea port for expanded nuclear submarine transits as well as running human beings, weapons and lots of illegal people to do lots of illegal things. And so one might ponder the marriage of Argentina with Correa’s Ecuador and refuse to extol these injurious cartels of total corruption on the rise.

But all of this pales in comparison to what these unhappy leeches are doing these days. With Garzon breathing life in to the moribund and mentally unhinged Barbie Doll of too much silicone Kirchner, we note the adamant Argentinean foreign policy plank, also extolled by Castro, Chavez and Correa: that no man deserves the universal right to self determination, currently up for a vote on March 10, 2013 in the Falklands. And of course Kirchner has laughably added Garzon to her fake Human Rights efforts…even as she rejects human rights for Argentineans and Falklanders. As a man who illegally spied against Spaniards to cause harm, Garzon defends Assange and Ecuador who have also illegally abused intelligence with Cuba, Iran and Russia for self enrichment and the greater glories of the ALBA cartel to cause wide spread harm, sometimes called cyberspying.

With too many mysterious deaths, too many illegal cash movements, too many dishonest legal claims and too many advocacies for the termination of liberty, these folks are up to no good. All Latin Americans must stand up to the racket. This is WHY the battle cry of the Cartel clamors to terminate the universal right to self determination, liberty’s backbone, for their own control and cash. They will come for you next.

-Pedro Camargo for ECrisis


Cristina Kirchner and Spanish judge Baltasar Garzon romance

March 2, 2013  Veronique de Miguel   Cristina Kirchner and the Spanish judge, Baltasar Garzon, turned their mutual admiration into an “instantaneous passion. (AP Photo/Victor R. Caivano))

The Argentine newspaper, “Clarín”, known by its little agreement with the Government of Kirchner, mentions the Mexican magazine, “Quién”, which has affirmed that the Argentine president, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner and the Spanish judge, Baltasar Garzon, turned their mutual admiration into an “instantaneous passion.”... Continue reading here. 

US AID Very Positive on More Cuban Communism in Ecuador

February 27, 2013    Today in the U.S. House of Representatives, Mr. Feierstein of the U.S. Department of State’s US AID informed the world how “muy positivas” he is about the future of US AID in Ecuador.  We of ECrisis think this deserves some commentary.

Feierstein seems relieved that president Correa’s Ecuadorean administration has not cancelled US AID people in Ecuador. We ask: why would Correa not adore US AID in Ecuador? Correa pays nothing, US AID folks spend a lot of money- U.S. taxpayer monies- in Ecuador and Correa gets lots and lots of free public relations/positive propaganda from the US AID dis-information squads. For their part, the ever untruthful US AID reports how wonderful Correa’s Cuban communist kingdom is in Ecuador.

These dishonest idiots and fellow travelers see no problems whatsoever and deliver no projects of any sustainable value anyway. Criticize Correa has he has seized total control over all facts? Never. So….what is not to like?  Meanwhile, want to buy some carbon credits from these speculators? they can also sell you more Stanford CDs, more Ponzi schemes and more Bernie Madoff investments.

-Pedro Camargo for ECrisis


Usaid ve señales 'muy positivas' sobre su futuro en Ecuador
Jueves, 28 de Febrero de 2013

Washington, EFE

La Agencia Estadounidense para el Desarrollo (Usaid) se mostró hoy optimista sobre su futuro en Ecuador, pese a que el presidente Rafael Correa amenazó hace meses con expulsarla del país si no cumple unas directrices estrictas.

En declaraciones, el administrador adjunto para Latinoamérica en Usaid, Mark Feierstein, aseguró que la respuesta que están recibiendo sus programas es "muy positiva" y le da motivos para ser optimista ante la posibilidad de permanecer en el país.

"Creo que los funcionarios del Gobierno con los que estamos trabajando reciben de una forma muy positiva lo que estamos haciendo allí", dijo Feierstein tras participar en una audiencia del subcomité para Latinoamérica en la Cámara de Representantes de EE.UU.

En junio de 2012, Correa advirtió de la posible expulsión del país de la agencia de cooperación estadounidense, debido a su supuesta financiación de organizaciones no gubernamentales "que hacen oposición" política.

Correa se refería a los 4,3 millones de dólares que Usaid invierte en su Proyecto de Fortalecimiento Democrático, y que según Estados Unidos se invierten en organizaciones que promueven la democracia y el fortalecimiento de la libertad de expresión, pero no en partidos políticos.

Feierstein subrayó que el Gobierno ecuatoriano ve con buenos ojos sus proyectos sobre el medio ambiente y cambio climático, a los que Usaid dedica la mayor parte de sus fondos en Ecuador, unos 14 millones de dólares.

"Tenemos muy buenas relaciones con varios ministerios en Ecuador, tenemos muy buenos programas en varias comunidades y yo creo que el pueblo ecuatoriano recibe con mucho apoyo lo que estamos haciendo allá por ejemplo en términos de medio ambiente. Creo que, a nivel de los programas, (nuestro futuro) va a ser muy positivo", concluyó.

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