Spain- and Correa- Fail the Morals Test; Correa calls Canada a Thief and Plans Transport Caducidad

October 28, 2007  Reminding us exactly why we are not fans of Spanish PM Zapatero, Spain's morally bankrupt clientelistic cafe society not only stood by while an innocent Ecuadorean girl almost had the life kicked out of her by a jackbooted Nazi style immigrant hating Spanish youth, but her own family refused to assist her in self defense in any way. Currently, the Spanish take great joy in declaring that this vile, horrifying- caught on video so shocking that one cannot even watch the real life violence- criminal attack created no mental distress to the Ecuadorean subhuman serf currently serving in servile, almost non paying jobs to bolster Spain's economy of functionaries.
The young man- almost a hero today across many Spanish strata for his seemingly random act of profound cruelty to an innocent young girl who simply rode the public subway, for all his crime only received from the Spanish authorities this:

Like the free pass card from the game of MONOPOLY, with all due respects to Parker Brothers, Spain's monopolistic socialists believe that it is OK to kick the life out of Ecuadorean immigrants and enjoy such ridiculous support in the media telling us that the criminal is unhappy, his life is troubled and he does not like immigrants. Zapatero's Spain of Socialists is looking exactly as one of the globe's leading resting places for persons of astonishing self centeredness, moral vapidity and ethical turpitude.
Into this socialist enabling love fest for criminals who attack innocent Ecuadoreans, comes our hero, Rafael Correa to pile on. Never missing an opportunity to reveal his own lack of morals, Correa tells us that he understands this poor man's problems. He understands soothingly why an angry young man would kick the sh_ _ out of a helpless young girl. Correa tells us he understands this man's violence and his anger. With the moral rectitude of a dead dog, Correa cannot help himself by expressing his solidarity with crude enabling of crime. Never one to actually defend habeas corpus, which he cannot comprehend, Correa just sold out Ecuadoreans everywhere by his position which defies not only good taste but exudes debauchery. You will recall that Correa has repeatedly told us that violence is needed sometimes and that we all must be whipped- that is beaten- as he was in his youth. Frankly, any sane human rejects this abusive behavior. And indeed, no one should be manipulated in to believing as Correa would have you believe, that the innocents deserve to be abused. This abuse-victim cycle has gotten out of hand. Increasingly, these morally bankrupted socialists sound like poster boys for Iranian stoning of the women they do not like- as hundreds cheer and repeatedly cast the first stones.
Last week, the INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE  reported, "MADRID: The authorities arrested six North Africans in Spain on Wednesday on suspicion of belonging to an international network that promotes jihad on the Internet and recruits fighters, the Interior Ministry announced. The group arrested in Burgos is part of a "more complex and extensive" international group, the Interior Ministry said. The investigation has involved security agencies in Switzerland, the United States and Denmark." That is to say- Spain, working with the Swiss, the Danes and the Americans finally busted up a particularly noxious militant Muslim front organization soliciting suicide fighters in Iraq and for freeing Muslim radicals, currently cooling their heels for murdering far too many. Read the tale here. 
Rafael Correa will never arrest radical Muslims in Ecuador, no matter how depraved their terror plots or how dirty their money remains. Correa, like the young man in Spain, deserves not a Get out of Jail Free Pass but prosecution for his crimes. In life there are also GO TO JAIL cards, too.

This is what you will never see in the news under the Chavez-Correa love fest with Ahmadinejad:

Spanish police arresting Abdelkader Ayachine, an Algerian the Interior Ministry says was involved in an Islamist cell that recruited fighters through the Internet. (Felix Ordonez /Reuters) 

Life itself does not always pass out Free Pass Cards. No one gets a Free Pass Card to the TEN COMMANDMENTS- not even Correa.

Some things, try as the Correistas do addictively- cannot be manipulated.
Into this zone of incredulity also comes notice in the media that the racketeering and drug running Haitian Aristide and Daniel Ortega's Sandinista lobbyist Paul Reichler is back on the job again - Read it Here: for the Correa-Chavez team to grow his fees as a paid lobbyist in Washington. These clients of Paul Riechler's have one commonality: all are failed criminal adventures. Those are the facts.
Once again, Reichler will soothe the Fenton Communications propaganda line that Chavez is not so bad: he helps the poor and governs a vibrant democracy which none can touch because we all need his oil and that Correa is actually helping Ecuador's fight against narcoterrorism because he aids and abets the FARC, sustaining his position as president of one of the world's largest narcotics transshipment empires and reigning over Ecuador as the murder capitol of the globe while his economy is in tatters and he cannot find where he has  put the government's revenues. Reichler will tell U.S. decision makers that this behavior deserves to be rewarded, even though Correa supports stealing from U.S. companies, among others.
There are times when those who lie to the U.S. Congress were not only banished but went to jail. They got to Go To Jail: Directly to Jail.
We are all well aware today that Correa and Chavez has formally teamed with the Iranian government. We are aware that the USA has correctly deemed these criminal agents of terror as cut off/blacklisted/forbidden for the criminals that they are. Over 500 store front or proxy corporations also run business for the Iranian military, servicing about 1/3 of its non oil GDP and completely controlling about 1/2 of Iran's imports. In other words, like Venezuela, there is no distinction between the administrative government and its terror spreading military. Ecuador is set to enjoin this reprehensibly unacceptable system of bribes and total authoritarian controls too.  Read the story of Iran's global spread of its military-industrial complex- even across Latin America today here.
Do not look for Correa to arrest any Iranian terrorists or their business agents in non oil import and exports. Do not look for Paul Reichler to reveal the long list of Correa-Chavez-Iranian-FARC business relationships. Although he should. In fact, the FBI should distribute all lists of criminal adventures and their mouth organs. Today Canada is objecting, as the United States should do, to Correa's caducidad over Ecuador's airport controls.
Oil, minerals and transportation are all now seized- or about to be formally seized after what Correa incorrectly calls "consultations"- an oxymoron- by Correa.

Correa wants the money to run the municipal airports you see. He claims they do not turn over enough revenues. As if Correa's gang of thugs could run their way out of a paper bag, we remind that  this transport caducidad is not about airport management but about enabling more illicit transport of illicit goods....drugs, money and materiel: retaining a hugely profitable transshipment business for Ecuador's rising criminal cartels, sometimes called the Chavez-Correa government.
Will this effrontery to Canada finally expose Correa for what he is? Will U.S. ambassador Jewell finally be replaced? Will pro Chavez NGOs stop littering the U.S. embassy in Quito and taking up expensive real estate? We do not know. What we do know is in today's EL COMERCIO newspaper. Canada- and its government, like so many suffering theft now, have done nothing wrong. Correa is lying about Canada. Correa calls Canada a thief. In this he is wrong- very wrong. Their ambassador goes to great lengths to explain this. Neither paid mouth organs Roger Noriega nor Paul Reichler can explain their support for Correa's regime. Following Chavez, Correa and Paul Reichler's claims that the U.S. prison at Guantanamo tortures the inmates who made careers on torturing and killing innocents, Paul Reichler should study today's report that even European Greens, communist and socialists could not find anything remotely resembling prisoner abuse at Guantanamo [read here], and drop his cases against the USA. All must support basic human rights, even for murderous terrorists without a country as are currently at Guantanamo, but we do not give limousines to Muslim terrorists, the FARC or any who do not deserve limousine treatments. We do not help or make excuses for those who kill...and kick innocents. Like kicking an innocent Ecuadorean girl, Correa's solidarity with the perp- the criminal- must not be replicated by his paid mouth organs and propagandists, no matter how much money they are paid. There is no excuse for what Correa says and does. There is no defense of criminal acts and the supports thereto.

    A criminal thug jackboots a defenseless Ecuadorean girl in Spain.

    Correa tells us that we do not understand and the criminal needs our love. The young man is a victim of a home without love
    The FARC run narcotics that inflict the scourge of addiction. Correa tells us that we do not understand: the FARC just need the money, just as the Ecuadoreans who help transport their illicit psychotropic narcotics.

    The government of Ecuador steals from its own people, other nations' businesses and other countries. Correa tells us we just do not understand: Correa and his group just need the money.
We remind the old saying from law enforcement officers: whenever a criminal tells the police that one must understand that the criminal just needed the money, it is time to read them their rights and get out the hand cuffs: it is a confession of guilt. Rafael Correa has been trying to grapple with his father's narcotics running, domestic violence and life of crime for many years. Like Hugo Chavez's bumbling attempts to create an egalitarian society so that none would feel as he did in his youth as the Have Not boy abandoned by his father and also his mother, Correa has been looking for treatment for a long time. We are long past suffering their personal psychodramas and their phony excuses to enjoy a life of crime. In fact, both Correa and Chavez could have done a Rudy Giuliani, former Mayor of NY, in response to his own mafia-imbued father and have actually stood for law and order and reform. That is a functional response to dysfunction. But neither Correa nor Chavez seem interested in anything but steadfastly zooming down their ruinous roads in a life of crime.
Would you stand up on a subway to defend an innocent rider being viciously attacked and beaten? We hope you consider your own response. Would you stand up as theft transpires in front of your face? Or will you, as Correa does, tell us that it is all a matter of love. As Correa told us, the criminals just need more love and they just needed to satisfy their urgings. We have seen Correa satisfying his urgings. There are not enough cheesy hotels in the north of Quito now to hold his criminal urgings. Just ask the Canadians. They have done nothing wrong and they are getting the sh- - kicked out of them. This has got to stop. We pray that our next posting in not another landmark photo of Linda Jewell embracing Rafael Correa or telling us how wonderful he is. Stealing from Canada is not wonderful. Oh- and lest we forget to remind those embraceable adventurers....stealing from Americans and Ecuadoreans is not acceptable either.

This entire team of bungling, albeit happy orgy going, burglars in bed with Iranian terrorists should go to jail- now. No free passes any more.

To all bankers, businesses and governments aiding and abetting the criminal terrorists - funding about 1/2 of Iran now- we wish you this:

-Pedro Camargo for ECrisis

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