Chavez Officially Merges with Iran; Client State Ecuador Acts to Destroy its Future ATPDEA:

More Questions for U.S. CODEL- goers to Ask Correa-Chavez
February 18, 2008      The current propaganda spewed by the always Chavez-adoring Mark Weisbrot of the U.S. based and Chavez and George Soros-backed NGO called CEPR wants us to believe that Ecuador and Bolivia are not client states of Hugo Chavez. To these paid propagandists like Weisbrot, we say: well- of course they are client states of Chavez, no matter what you say. ECrisis notes that Ecuador is a client state of Venezuela in very definable senses. Comes now Iran whose merger with the "sovereign" Venezuela and Ecuador completes the picture. The government of Iran has just stated that they are starting "projects" in Venezuela every ten days. We are all Hezbollah now.
The Iranian media, sometimes called Chavez's co-owned media, reported on 2-15-08 that Iran's official position on Venezuelan-Iranian relations, “The projects are to be inaugurated in Venezuela on an average of one every 10 days, said Ali-Akbar Mehrabian who is visiting Caracas at the official invitation of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Mehrabian met with the Venezuelan ministers of foreign affairs, basic industry and mining, light industry and commerce, housing and popular economy in the most recent round of Iran-Venezuela's cooperation talks. The agreement on producing machinery for milk products, flour and plastic will be signed by the two parties soon, Mehrabian said, adding that the red tape for the sale of Samand cars in Venezuela should be slashed. The Iranian side also urged the Venezuelans to facilitate customs' regulations and the process of payments."
Key to this tale is the statement urging "customs regulations and the process of payments" facilitation. That is to say that all Iranian-Venezuelan efforts, which are massive, will join customs, banking and marketing under what is currently called "sovereign" deals which are also called opaque, off the books, money making adventures for the inner circle from Iran and Venezuela.
Take a close look at these faces. It is the face of mining and commercial regulation come to the Andes now from Iran and enabled by Chavez and Correa:


 Iran's Ali-Akbar Mehrabian    Ecuador's Energy Minister, Galo Chiriboga

We say this because Mehrabian's counterpart in the person of Ecuador's Galo Chiriborga tells us that OPEC will join Chavez at their next meeting 3-5-08 to denounce the USA/EXXON. And he knows this...because? And he says this...because? Maybe it is because the state owned media is running more propaganda against EXXON to gin up Chavez's anti USA efforts and misguide the region to pretend that his thefts of state oil productions have not transpired when they have.
Today, Chavez along with Ecuador, needs refinery capacity for their heavy crude, although most of Ecuadorean oil is not comparable to Venezuela's uniquely dark and gooey mass. Refinery space is promised in a mega-refinery slated to open at Manta with absolutely no known environmental impact analyses from our- what do they call him-? environmental economist president Correa or the great environmental leader Hugo Chavez who has turned Venezuela in to an open sewerage dump if you really look at it. And you trust these thugs to build a mega-refinery at Manta? Have you seen their plans and ownership deals? Of course not. Neither Correa nor Chavez permits any transparency whatsoever, although you would never know this from the ethically compromised, badly lying through non-reporting and misleading claims Transparency International in Ecuador, now mostly co-populated by the decreasingly transparent Soros efforts and long tarnished under the mismanagement of Valeria Merino, currently the OAS's face of Ecuador, also called the face of US AID and NGO mismanagement for over a decade.
Comes the BOSTON HERALD to report on the Correa adoration club for CHE!, also called his Cabinet in lock step with Hugo Chavez. The GLOBE -read it here- says what we all know to be true: the U.S. Democratic Party is morally compromised and looking for a North American savior to supposedly heal the nation's wounds, which neither exist nor need this special kind of political cult healing which consistently compares Obama to John F. Kennedy, by design. But, "In December 1962, Kennedy offered a blunt summary of the Castro/Che record. `The Cuban people were promised by the revolution political liberty, social justice, intellectual freedom, land for the campesinos, and an end to economic exploitation,' he said. "They have received a police state, the elimination of the dignity of land ownership, the destruction of free speech and a free press, and the complete subjugation of individual human welfare.' Eleven months later, in a speech intended for delivery on the day he was assassinated, Kennedy regretted that Castro's `Communist foothold' in Latin America had `not yet been eliminated.’ Were he alive today, it's hard to imagine JFK feeling anything but contempt for those who extol a dictatorship that has been crushing freedom and human beings for nearly 50 years. And it would surely pain him that so many of the cheerleaders are members of his own party...”
Where are those freedom lovers who stand up and express their revulsion and contempt for "those who extol a dictatorship that has been crushing freedom and human beings for nearly 50 years”? Apparently nowhere to be found in the U.S. Democratic Party, the Soros-laced NGOs fighting hard now to destabilize Uribe's Colombia and soothing our disgust for Hugo Chavez's crime sprees. And for sure they are nowhere to be found across Ecuador, forced as all are to adore CHE! and Fidel Castro simply because the maximo leader Rafael Correa does and because Ecuadoreans are too lazy and morally compromised to do anything about this embrace of the unembraceable, preferring to let Castro's own death take its common course. Do you seriously think that Rafael Correa's paid propagandists and lobbyists in Washington, DC and globally would ever once denounce CHE!, Castro or Chavez...or reveal the facts? Of course not. They are too busy telling U.S. Congressional delegations that Ecuador deserves an ATPDEA extension because Ecuador will resort to drug cultivation if they do not have free trade. We all know that this is a lie. Ecuador does not now nor has it ever cultivated drugs. And for that matter, Correa has installed a complete drugs transshipment business for his military assistants to help move narcotics, human slaves and illicit pharmaceuticals around the globe as well as welcomed all money launderers from the FARC and the Middle East. No one in their right mind should be fooled by Correa's claims to be Mr. Clean. He is not Maestro Limpio- not now, not ever. Rafael Correa has lied about everything he is doing...except on two occasions when he has honestly informed his public that he will install a Cuban communist system in Ecuador and that he is working hand in hand with Chavez and Ahmadinejad. We remind that Iran remains a state sponsor of terror and funds and promotes illicit terror groups.
EL COMERCIO on 2-18-08 and 2-17-08 ran the story that a U.S. Congressional delegation will meet privately with Correa who will soothe/lie to the group about the glorious law and order efforts across Ecuador. Although Wall Street has essentially proclaimed Correa as an untrustworthy person, a liar, a ninnyhammer, a dimwit and a dunce, these U.S. liberals on sun seeking vacations -read it here- -and here- will apparently be happily duped not only by Correa but also by those beavering away in lock step with Correa's highly paid U.S. lobbyists to deliver a fake analysis that Correa is Mr. AntiDrugs and deserves an ATPDEA when all that Correa performs is a mockery and a deceit.
Make no mistake about it: Correa's Ecuador deserves not one penny of U.S. tax payers' give aways called an ATPDEA extension. Correa appreciates his own government's theft of U.S. corporate assets, approves the fact that his own dictatorial self now controls all legislatures, all courts, most of the media and provides only protection rackets to companies stupid enough to fall for his Black Hand  even as he ushers in the Iranian state.
The only information of any relevance for the vacationing U.S. Congresspeople today to seek from Paul Reichler-the US AMCHAM Moss boys, the U.S. Embassy in Quito and Correa himself- that is the team backing this Misinformation for Hire Adventure- includes:
    1. Correa has removed- at the point of a gun- all of democracy's structures, replacing them with his own kangaroo courts, legislators, police-military and federal agencies- all under his hand and all operating now under his sole dictatorial authority. Question: what will Correa do about this when the global community finally gets around to condemning him for his dictatorship- a la Castro- and Ecuador suffers no free trade with the USA, no DFI, no OAS membership, no access to global capital and no legitimate standing except as a failed state which is today in lock step with Chavez's Venezuela and Iran?
    2. Correa is paying Paul Reichler and Fenton Communications to provide false information to the U.S. government. Will Correa disclose his lobbying tactics and hired guns, as required by U.S. law or will the U.S. Congressional and U.S. embassy operatives delegation once again commit conspiracy to act to hide from U.S. laws and regulations, itself an impeachable offense?
    3. When will the Correa team abide by the recent CIADI court in the UK and issue the refund to OCCIDENTAL?
    4. What demonstrable plans are held by Correa for stopping money laundering and drug trafficking out of Ecuador which has reached historic proportions? What is Correa doing to upend his nation's new narcodemocracy designation, although Ecuador is no longer a democracy in any sense of the word and what is Correa doing about this? Will the U.S. delegates seriously be tricked by Correa's claims that he and Chavez will run a clean operation out of their new Manta Base, complete with protections and aggressive weaponry? Are the U.S. Democrats that stupid as to commit treason? Will Correa finally reveal how much of his ridiculous Plan Ecuador drug legalization effort was co written by his NGO friends from the pro drugs Soros groups? Will Correa reveal his actual support for the FARC, well known across Ecuador?
    5. What is Correa's time line to restore the legitimate Congress, the legitimate judges, the legitimately elected officials and stop his fake government out of Montecristi which illegally runs the country as a pass book effort, rubber stamping all that Correa hands them to essentially install the Chavez constitution, already prepared by Chavez's officials, notably Sr. Pastor? And finally, why would the USA give one penny to this illegal, dishonest, unaccountable communist regime under Correa simply to solidify the Greed is Good theory of the Soros-laced efforts running amuck in Quito alongside the FARC actors and Chavez operatives?
Or...will our intrepid U.S. Congressional delegates fail their mandate once again and enjoy one more U.S. Embassy prepared PowerPoint presentation of non-relevant so-called data and the omnipresent lobbying by US AID contractors to supposedly justify all that they have done to build democracy, deliver pro growth development and deliver Correa as an anti drugs advocate? Of course the US AID contractors running the U.S. Embassy in Quito have absolutely no interest is providing a cost-benefit analysis on their gravy train, called U.S. tax payer fraud. We know this because Correa's Ecuador is a failed economy essentially, is a narcostate now and works closely with Chavez's DISIP control agents. Will the U.S. Congressional delegation hold hands and sing Kumbaya with Chavez and Castro's choir boy crooner Correa, pledging their allegiance to the undercurrents of criminal rackets, also called the Morales-Chavez-Castro-Correa bloc of nations who are guaranteed safe havens under the Soros-Obama leadership team of offshore speculative governments by and for their own greed and power but never, ever of the people, by the people or for the people, however much they lie a lot to tell us that their sole purpose is to "help the poor." Correa, like Chavez and Castro help the poor all to a worse sewer than before. Does the USA reward this?
More to the point...why does this visual ring true and what will Obama-Correa-Chavez do about this?

To the intrepid Americans such as Congressmen Engel, Gene Green, Maurice Hinchey (4 U.S. Democrats) and the two Republicans Weller and Virginia Foxx, we wish you godspeed and full avoidance of  being lied to, duped and coordinated in to the false face that is underway. The more oil that Chavez and Correa pump in to their communist adventures, the more the USA should be holding its own actors accountable. We seriously doubt this will be done this week in Quito.
-Pedro Camargo for ECrisis


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