Correa is Truly Aligned in Every Sense with Chavez: Pedimos Disculpas

February 22, 2008    What little news reaches the outside world- outside of Correa's browned out in-country media that is, tells us that the oil rig comes. And one more due next month or so. None yet have seem the terms of the Chavez oil rig to Correa deal- or any deal for that matter. Rafael Correa tells us that this is none of our business and we must trust his tender, off the books mafia to do what is best. Best for Correa, Iran and Venezuela, that is. The oil rig we refer to is an oil rig from Hugo Chavez. Or so Correa tells us. No photos and no facts are permitted. Rafael Correa tells us that this is charity and in no way means that he has succumbed to Chavez's lures- not for Correa the hundreds of Chavez's imbedded spies- sometimes called Cuban doctors; not for Correa the hundreds of imbedded Venezuelan governmental handlers and agents to insure that Chavez's will be done; not for Correa the millions of dollars in Chavez's buy-in monies and political cash; not for Correa the scores of Iranian and Venezuelan contracts- sometimes called sovereign deals- which are opaque, illegal and sweeping. Not for Correa is accountability, legitimacy, open speech, free and fair elections or integrity. Correa is more a Castro clone than a Chavez clone but in all things Correa is a dishonest and irresponsible adolescent who has led Ecuador off the cliffs of insanity.
As Correa has repeatedly told us all, Fidel Castro is his true idol. Like Chavez, Correa really thinks Marxism is terrific. He set about to prove this conclusively in his so called PhD thesis but of course failed- even as he has failed in all he has done, except in taking Chavez's monies. Correa is no economist: he is a teen ager set lose on Ecuador with an addiction to lying and to creating distrust wherever he goes. It is for real reason that he has been fired from every job he has ever held and should be fired from his current position. With Fidel Castro supposedly turning the reigns over to his brother Raul, the writer Fontova reports here that there will be no transition in Cuba under Raul.  "Under these circumstances, Cuba's current robber barons achieved nothing. Honesty, hard work, property rights and the rule of law repel them. To think they'd voluntarily revert to a system that rewards such traits and institutions is ludicrous."
Honesty, hard work, property rights and the rule of law repels Rafael Correa, too and his entire substrata of human miscreants, sometimes called his inner politburo of Chavistas. Make no mistake about Correa's current round of lies: Hugo Chavez's team has already written Correa's new constitution for Ecuador, thanks to Sr. Viciano Pastor, and there is nothing you can do about it except demand to enforce transparency, honesty and open debate. Good luck: Correa moved the whole process out of town, handed it over to a rabble who mostly do not read or write and these paid kangaroos are now rubber stamping every lunacy that comes their way, laboring over how much they should confer to the transgender activists and their space alien sovereignty if this nation which is bankrupt needs to be spending serious time on conferring sovereign rights to space aliens....should they appear. But to many in Montecristi- they have appeared and are real. Then again, the fools at Montecristi seriously think they are doing honest, honorable work when they are simply overpaid patsies- liars, ninnyhammers, dimwits and dunces of the most embarrassing sort.
You would not know that the real world is starting to notice how deceitful, how adolescently asinine and dishonest is Rafael Correa because no one in Ecuador makes the effort to review what their own facts include nor pays any attention to the global marketplace of ideas, secure as they are in their cocoon of foolishness and self absorbed failures. But economists tell us that Rafael Correa is no economist and that his policies are a failure. Read it here.  Moreover, they tell us that Correa's special Marxism spells disaster for Ecuador. Do ya' think?  And they tell us that no one should be fooled by this teen ager run amuck with Ecuador's future.
The AP reported that Correa stated, upon seeing Chavez's oil rig, that “In a speech at the site, Correa thanked his close ally Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and said Venezuela's support was not offered `to dominate and expand a political model, but rather as an openhanded offer of support and solidarity.' Earlier this month, the two countries announced plans to build US$5.5 billion (€3.73 billion) oil refinery in Ecuador's coastal province of Manabi."
And if you believe that Correa is not dominated and overcome by Hugo Chavez's political machinations, then you should stop reading this article for you are badly in need of help. Be very clear: the people of Venezuela do not just send around billions of dollars for oil rigs, even so called loans. Chavez did not spend money and manpower to reinforce the Chavez alliance in Ecuador for nothing. Hugo Chavez does not do charity. Neither does Rafael Correa. Both thugs do smelly business deals and build up their public personas based on lies and half truths. And if you are still in denial, review the contracts, if you can find them.
Correa is no economist and he is a worse president. He would not know a new constitution if it hit him on the head...and in some ways, Chavez's Sr. Pastor has done his job and left Ecuador to deteriorate further in to the morass of Chavez's foolishness, a la Correa. The people of Guayaquil have it right:

But instead of apologizing for liars, ninnyhammers, dimwits and dunces, it is time to resolve to forebear government of the people and for the people- not just the Chavez rabble.
-Pedro Camargo for ECrisis

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  • 2/22/2008 4:02 PM Gonzalo Proano wrote:
    " Pedimos Disculpas ",We apologize..!!
    Guayaquil was the unlucky city were Rafael Correa was borned,destiny ? or bad luck.?
    I think bad luck is for all the ecuadoreans,having this guy as president,but the ecuadoreans elected him,the become exited when Correa said that he will change the country and the entire world..!!
    To all the readers of this page,I apologize "Pido disculpas "but the ignorance is not falling down in Ecuador,is rasing up and dangerous..!!
    Rafael Correa,the dictator of the century XXI,the lier of the century XXI,him and his constituent assembly,are making the new constitution,nothing new,of course,will be the model from Chavez and Morales..!!
    The 80 member of the constituent assembly,have no choice other then raise their hand and say,YES IT's APPROVED..!!
    Cheap,just for the lowest salary of USD 4100 per month..!!"pidiendo disculpas"the ecuadoreans have to live with salaries bethween 150-500 USD per month..!!
    And to end this short comment,"Los asambleistas de Correa,80 borreguitos amaestrados,reciben las ordenes en Carondelet,las llevan hacia Montecristi,no las debaten,solo levantan la mano y las aprueban,Si a todo lo que Correa quiere,se esta fraguando el mayor asalto al estado ecuatoriano..!!"
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