Chavez and Correa Must Go: FARC Materials Authentic

May 9, 2008    ECrisis reprints an important piece from today's WALL STREET JOURNAL which notes what our readers already knew: there is no question that the Raul Reyes computer materials are authentic and have not been tampered with. For over two months, anyone with half a brain knew that empirically, these materials would be ratified and are authentic based on not only the invaluable and direct leads from the information itself but also the tens and tens of thousands of personal information which one must conclude can only be crafted by intimates of the FARC actors. It is impossibly aberrant to pretend that the computer material is in any way falsified and unauthentic. Any who so do are simply trying to cover up their own involvement and cast propaganda.
Mr. Noble, the head of Interpol has formally authenticated these computer materials. He is a USA Democrat and anyone who claims he acts to aid and abet the Bush-Uribe team is also a liar even as more and more lies pile up about the connection between the FARC and Rafael Correa and Hugo Chavez. Adults are desperately needed to unwind and perform what they should have been doing all along: repeat the facts and order all USA and Colombian actors to stop lying about the grave situation of the Chavez and Correa criminality and stop pretending that it is not happening. While we grasp that it is an unpleasant business to actually have to do something verifiable and stop running around like squawking chickens, we also note that hiding from the facts about the FARC and running away from truthtelling may feel now as a useful career tool but it pales in times of actual job performance. We seriously urge that one and all review who is taking USA monies to aid and abet the criminal terror group, the FARC and who is acting to stop this crime.
Contrast this article below with the "Carl Meacham-U.S. Senate Report" of 4-29-08 , also called S.Prt. 110-45 and also called "Playing With Fire" here. ECrisis has covered this Jose Miguel Insulza validating that which should never be validated Report effort by Meacham in a previous 4-29-08 piece called the "Sins of Legitimizing Terrorists" which is what Meacham purports quite illegally we might add.
Meacham, in all his paltry so called research, also called abuse of the truth and U.S. tax dollars for which he should be fired, relies on paid FARC go betweens for the FARC, Chavez and Correa in one nasty bit of mankind in the person of Gustavo Larrea. Larrea shares with Meacham, who reprints in full the Larrea-FARC plan for retooling Plan Ecuador to craft a new pro FARC geo physical zone at the border with Colombia, as de facto existed until March 1, 2008 thanks to the Rafael Correa FARC protection rackets, also called the Correa governmental plan. As it is, Meacham seditiously reprinted whole cloth the Larrea plan to grow the FARC in the Andes, complete with support for US AID monies to aid and abet the FARC by installing even more Soros groups, already crawling over the Andes, to patrol this FARC legalizing zone in Ecuador, for all intents and purposes.
What Meacham forgot to report is that Larrea is trained by Chavez's intelligence goons from DISIP and Castro's spy school, formerly called STASI agent job bank. Larrea even has a code name as go between for the FARC- it is "Juan" to hide him. Larrea is in and out of the FARC camps and Caracas and Cuba- as he has done all his life. We cannot comprehend why the U.S. Embassy in Quito supplied no facts, relied on no USA government authorities from the SouthCom group, from the DEA, the FBI, from Commerce or even Treasury- all of whom have information that Ecuador under Correa is deeply acting to support the FARC expansion plan. Indeed, Meacham himself reports that he conveniently met with the pro FARC actors, many funded in main by US AID and the US Embassy to ratify the FARC growth plan called the Correa-Chavez Plan Ecuador, also co written with Correa and Chavez and the FARC by the Soros pro drug actors, currently crawling around Ecuador in hordes and clearly highly valued by madame ambassador Jewell for their usefulness to hide the facts about Correa, the FARC and their vast criminality.

Meacham's so called Report would directly benefit two groups: unaccountable pro FARC NGOs from US AID who would, he hopes, take millions of US tax dollars to create an NGO run haven for the FARC and also offshore oil derivatives and spot oil traders who are the only ones, besides the drug cartels and illegal shippers of contraband such as Trafigura, seriously benefiting from retaining a non terror designation status of FARC support for Venezuela and Ecuador: their funds would be cut. We hope that Venezuela and Ecuador at last enjoy a fact based analysis of who and what they are doing, to date utterly missing from the annals of governance and certainly missing from anything the OAS, the US Department of State and the U.S. Senate have criminally jiggered to date, mostly written at great expense by the Soros family of NGOs to aid and abet the installation of Andean narcozones. Why the US Inspector General has not charged U.S. operatives for crimes to sell propaganda and jigger data and lie to the U.S. government is a serious question which deserves answers.
We all know well why Rafael Correa and his FARC loving team lies- they lie because it is how they live and how they self enrich and they lie because no one cares enough about integrity to notate their huge scams underway. What we do not know is why the author of this JOURNAL article includes so many references from the "Carl Meacham" Report which was done in under two days and sourced nothing verifiable, relying as it does on FARC-backed NGOs and FARC assets. While the "Meacham Report" is not even linked on the U.S. Senate Foreign Affairs web site- and while we are repeatedly told that no one cares nor pays attention to these lies from Meacham- obviously someone does or else the JOURNAL would not reprint the Soros and NED pro FARC poster boy, the immature and feckless, clueless Meacham pretext and fake analysis. The JOURNAL should be ashamed to bow to the pressure from the pro FARC Soros groups like WOLA and the NED to take Meacham seriously at all as we wonder how authentic the pro Meacham/pro FARC  sources are for the authors: clearly there is an impact. In the haste to report on the "Meacham" position of "the U.S. Senate, the journalist forgets to note that over 2/3 of the content of the total Meacham Report is a full reprint, which he takes as justification for his Report, which is written by the FARC-Correa-Chavez team under the auspices of their cartel and DISIP backed man named Gustavo Larrea. This would be responsibly exposed by the JOURNAL had it done its normal due diligence and not accepted the Meacham Report whole cloth, which like the Insulza-OAS Report uses no facts, no due diligence and only political propaganda. Thus a factless puffery by Meacham, based on DISIP- FARC plans, gets treated as realistic by the JOURNAL without exposing the very author of the crime. Meacham has no credibility. Insulza has no credibility. The JOURNAL needs to restore its credibility and detail that Meacham and Insulza relied on the FARC agent Larrea for its "facts." This is not honest reporting and needs to be corrected.

What the JOURNAL piece should have said is that Meacham used the Correa-FARC-Chavez plan as the basis of his Report and relied on a FARC agent for his credibility, thus leaving Meacham, ambassador Linda Jewell and the NED-Soros-US AID pro FARC funding scam protecting JOURNAL article with a string of lies, all to their discredit.

We applaud the article below for effort alone however we find some inaccuracies. For the record, Venezuela is not one of the USA's most important oil suppliers. This is a useful chunk of propaganda that has been effectively used to shield pro Chavez actors and oil traders, noting that Venezuela is a needed oil ally when it is not. It is incorrect to say that Venezuela is important to the USA for its oil. While the U.S. Department of Energy under the US AID self styled guru Karen Harbert disingenuously and illegally has yet to correct her false political position on this due to the real facts, it remains that Venezuela is nothing important to the USA at all any more because Hugo Chavez wants to be nothing of importance to anyone except criminals and cartel runners. This is a lie to say that Venezuelan oil is important to the USA when it is not. Canada and Mexico are important suppliers to the USA as is Saudi Arabia. Venezuela has lost its capacity to play honestly about its illicit oil production and has refused to remain competitive in any legal oil market. Oil traders and spot oil market dealers are however driving up global oil prices and work closely with Russian and Iranian traders to achieve illegal profits in this, hidden as it may be.

Ecuador pretends to be serious about oil production but simply uses PetroEcuador to bribe the military as is the case today and reveals an open cash wallet of theft of Ecuadorean income from oil by PetroEcuador while stealing from North American oil companies, as they have been doing for some years now. Venezuela claims the USA gets millions of barrels of Venezuelan oil in the USA. That is a fabricated half truth. Venezuela sends its hard to refine heavy crude to the USA for refining and then ships it right back out the back door for ports like China. The USA gets no benefit from refining Chavez's dirty, heavy oil and Venezuela's Alvarez knows this but continues with his propaganda, well funded and well coordinated today. There is not one thing honest about Chavez's and Correa's government except their willingness to rush ahead and install a narcostate where no laws are valid and no man is safe or protected.

The article also states that the FARC materials reveal far more surety of the deep state sponsorship of terror by Venezuela [and Ecuador] than previously known. Previously known was a string of senseless, dishonest reports on Ecuador and Venezuela mostly paid by the USA and funded to the exact groups that seek to lie and cover up the FARC, mostly the Soros family of NGOS through US AID or the US Senate's liberal black box funding stream under the NED to the Soros adventurers for they are not accurate and not verifiable. But they have obstructed factual information reporting, even as Insulza and Meacham have done of late and they have assisted in a cover up of real time information, barring facts from U.S. entities such as the FBI, the DEA, Treasury, Commerce and the Pentagon for all the reasons needed to assist in hiding reality. The facts have been available and on the table for years. No one should be surprised by any of this. What is surprising is how long it took for the US Department of State to wake up and realize that its own paid persons have been hiding facts about Correa and Chavez from the USA and that they have been funding terror support teams, such as the Soros backed Congressman McGovern and his side kicks from the Soros family of do drugs actors, recently seen trying to cover their back sides in SEMANA magazine and also jiggering U.S. House of Representatives House Rules to bar a vote of the Colombia FTA. Yes- the same McGovern who traipses around with paid actors to enshrine narcozones in the Andes, assisted by the U.S. Embassy in Quito for their travel plans to and from the long time FARC plantations in Ecuador, and conspiring with FARC agent Gustavo Larrea, is a criminal embarrassment to the USA's Tom Shannon and John Negroponte's Andean Desk. These paid actors under the pro FARC family of narcostate building efforts have lied to the Secretary of State, the U.S. Congress, the U.S. Senate and now do lie to the President. The Raul Reyes FARC materials speak from the grave and reveal the grave complicity of these USA actors to help Chavez and Correa to grow the FARC and its evil empire, today linked with Iran.
Anyone who tells you today that Venezuela and Ecuador are not state sponsors of terror are either working with Soros and US AID to lie a lot or are involved in oil future derivatives trading or spot oil market sales or both. Both have a vested interest in making money off of retaining power for Chavez, Correa and the FARC. It is a cartel that should be brought down and stopped. It is a cancerous and destructive geo political money making scheme which is destroying the lives of millions and abandoning all that liberty stands for. Venezuela and Ecuador are state sponsors of terror. Neither nation is democratic and neither nation is worth anything to anyone except criminals in the current debauched governance. While we hear daily that the truth cannot ever be said about the poor poor innocents from Ecuador and Venezuela who are victims of their criminal governments, we ask for a show of hands for exactly WHO from Ecuador and Venezuela has lifted one finger of late to denounce their own national disgrace of crime cartel governments which are not legitimate, are not accountable and are not democracies. Anyone who tells you differently is a liar and selling something- either the FARC building team or dirty oil.
Western civilization does not need the FARC nor does it need dirty oil. It does need to stand united- not divided- against narco state building by criminal cartels. If the U.S. Department of State and all of western civilization cannot grasp this concept, they will be exposed for the derivatives- moral derivatives- they are. Far better to uphold law and order and far better to state the facts- not political solutions for political assistance to criminal communist cartels, as is currently suggested by the OAS and Carl Meacham in his Soros-support  narcozone development document, also called the deceptive, dishonest and debauched  S. Prt 110-45. Lugar, himself suffering from age related mental incapacitating deterioration afflicting his position, should fire Meacham for this. Meacham's Report is the intentional direct opposite of the facts as noted in this article below.
Notable too is Venezuela's "ambassador"- fresh off his college campus tours to spread more lies about the USA and Venezuela, for which he must have his credentials revoked, is a nasty piece of work for denying the authenticity as detailed by Interpol. Of course he denies this- so too does the entire Correa cabinet and all his paid propagandists such as Paul Reichler and Fenton Communications, currently helping the Soros team not only lie a lot about Chavez, Correa and the FARC but also helping elect Barack Obama. If there was ever a time for the US FBI to observe and detail the FARC building money trail, it is now. But the US FBI whines that it is overstretched today with the current influx of criminal cases it must investigate- many of international origins who seemingly flood the USA and are not helping one bit to build sustainable law and order. Crime is expensive. Just look at how expensive Castro's crime has been to the serfs and schlubbs currently trying to eke out a living in Cuba on less than one thousand dollars a year, only to watch the Castro team get bailed out by Hugo Chavez even as the Kirchner team is getting bailed out by Chavez this week. Grand theft of state income by inner governmental groups, also called state kleptocracy, is what the Kirchners, the Chavistas and the Correa cartel does best. Iran thinks this is a really great idea and has decreed Ecuador and Venezuela their new proxy states. President Bush on 5-7-08 stated, ""Colombia faces a hostile and anti-American neighbor in Venezuela, where the regime has forged an alliance with Cuba, collaborated with FARC terrorists, and provided sanctuary to FARC units." Bush forgot to include Ecuador and this is a huge gaffe, based on his faulty staffers still pretending that Gustavo Larrea is a credible man when he is a DISIP-FARC-Chavez cartel builder. Bush will want to fire his own team members for lying about Ecuador. However, we applaud Bush for his honesty about Colombia and Venezuela. We remind that the FARC's Raul Reyes has been a paid and protected state sponsored "guest" inside Ecuador for years. Anyone who tells you differently is a liar.

-Pedro Camargo for ECrisis

The Wall Street Journal

May 9, 2008 
Chávez Aided Colombia Rebels,
Captured Computer Files Show
May 9, 2008; Page A1

BOGOTÁ, Colombia -- A cache of controversial computer files closely tying Venezuela's President Hugo Chávez to communist rebels seeking to topple Colombia's government appear to be authentic, U.S. intelligence officials say.

The trove -- found on a dead guerrilla leader's laptops during a military raid in March -- is likely to ratchet up pressure for the U.S. to impose sanctions on one of its most important oil suppliers.

The files that have been made public so far have largely confirmed Mr. Chávez's well-known sympathy for the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC. But a review by The Wall Street Journal of more than 100 new files from the computers suggests that Venezuela has broader and deeper ties to the FARC than previously known.

These documents indicate Venezuela appears to be making concrete offers to help arm the rebels, possibly with rocket-propelled grenades and ground-to-air missiles. The files suggest that Venezuela offered the FARC the use of one of its ports to receive arms shipments, and that Venezuela raised the prospect of drawing up a joint security plan with the FARC and sought basic training in guerrilla-warfare techniques.

"There is complete agreement in the intelligence community that these documents are what they purport to be," a senior U.S. official said. The Office of the Director of National Intelligence has been sharing its assessments with the White House, this official said.

Washington's stance is likely to hurt Venezuela's already deeply strained relationship with the U.S., its biggest trade partner. It could also add pressure for the U.S. to declare Venezuela a state sponsor of terrorism, alongside Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria, and impose sanctions.

Mr. Chávez has repeatedly said the files were faked by Colombia. "We don't recognize the validity of any of these documents," Bernardo Álvarez, Venezuela's ambassador to the U.S., said in a Wednesday interview. "They are false, and an attempt to discredit the Venezuelan government."

Interpol, the international police organization, has yet to give its view on the files' legitimacy. Colombia asked Interpol to perform an independent forensic analysis, and next week, Interpol Secretary General Ronald Noble is scheduled to travel to Colombia to present the findings.

Mr. Noble declined to comment on Interpol's conclusions. He said Interpol hasn't yet briefed foreign governments on its findings. "Anyone who has told you that Interpol has informed him about our findings has given you false information," he said.

Cross-Border Raid

The computer files hint at the depth of Mr. Chávez's antipathy towards the U.S., which he often describes as an "empire" oppressing Latin America. According to one document, Venezuela's interior minister, Ramón Rodríguez Chacin, last November asked the FARC to train Venezuela's military in nuts-and-bolts guerrilla tactics -- including "operational tactics, explosives, ... jungle camps, ambushes, logistics, mobility" -- so that soldiers would be prepared to fight a guerrilla war if the U.S. were to invade Venezuela.

The documents are among more than 10,000 files that Colombian intelligence services say came from three computers belonging to Raúl Reyes, the FARC's former second-in-command. Mr. Reyes was killed in March when Colombia's military staged a contentious cross-border raid into Ecuador, where he was camped.

The FARC itself has suggested the files are fake. A FARC statement published on the Web site of Venezuela's Information Ministry ridiculed Colombia's claims about the computer files, saying computers couldn't have survived the Colombian army attack "even if they had been bullet-proof."

A senior staffer in the U.S. Senate, who had been briefed on the contents of the files, cautioned that Mr. Chávez is known for his bombast, and that while tantalizing, the information in the files would need careful corroboration before action is taken against Venezuela. "We need to see proof of what is mentioned in the reports," the staffer said.

There have been some recent indications that the computers contain accurate information. Police in Costa Rica staged a successful raid on a home belonging to alleged FARC sympathizers, and recovered $480,000 in cash, guided by information from the documents suggesting the money would be located there.

In addition, Ecuador's interior minister confirmed that he had met with Mr. Reyes, after an email describing the previously secret meeting was found on the laptops and made public by Colombia.

The FARC, which has been fighting for control of Colombia for nearly a half-century, funds itself mostly through drug trafficking and kidnapping for ransom. The U.S. considers it to be one of the world's main cocaine suppliers.

The FARC is considered a terrorist organization by the U.S., Canada, Colombia and the European Union. For the U.S., any group that deliberately attacks civilians for political reasons merits such a designation. With troop strength estimated at around 9,000 fighters, that would make the FARC Latin America's oldest and largest such group.

However, Colombia's neighbors, including Venezuela, Ecuador and Brazil, don't consider the FARC to be a terrorist organization. Indeed, Mr. Chávez has hailed the group as brother revolutionaries. He has thrown Venezuela's weight behind an effort to remove the FARC from terrorist lists and instead grant the group diplomatic recognition as a "belligerent army."

According to the senior U.S. intelligence official, the Colombian government delivered "thousands" of the controversial documents to Washington in March. Since then, American technical experts have studied them for signs of forgery and to assess whether they correspond to the methods the FARC typically uses to communicate.

"There are no indications whatsoever that they've been fabricated by the Colombians," the official said.

The official said that the most troubling information in the files suggested the FARC's willingness to purchase virtually any type of weapon from any source. The official said Mr. Chávez's government has increasingly been willing to help the FARC reach international buyers. The official cited the FARC's particular desire to acquire surface-to-air missiles, although he said there weren't any signs of the guerrilla movement succeeding.

The FARC Situation

During a speech Wednesday on Latin American relations, President Bush brought up the FARC situation. "Colombia faces a hostile and anti-American neighbor in Venezuela, where the regime has forged an alliance with Cuba, collaborated with FARC terrorists, and provided sanctuary to FARC units."

According to a study last week from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, sanctions against Venezuela could backfire if done poorly. The U.S. would need to rally significant regional support or risk that sanctions become "counterproductive" by stirring nationalist or anti-U.S. sentiments.

Venezuela has mounted a vigorous diplomatic offensive to block any move by the U.S. to declare the nation a terrorism sponsor. Such a declaration would prompt U.S. economic sanctions, disrupt $50 billion in annual bilateral trade and jolt the already jittery global oil market, since Venezuela is a major oil producer.

In a speech last month in New York, Mr. Álvarez, Venezuela's ambassador, warned the U.S. would pay a heavy economic price if it made any such move. "There will be very grave economic consequences," Mr. Álvarez said, adding that some 230,000 U.S. manufacturing jobs depend on U.S. exports to Venezuela, which in turn sends some 1.58 million barrels of oil daily to the U.S.

The documents suggest Mr. Chávez is personally involved in helping the guerrillas. In a September 2007 message to the FARC's ruling body, a commander wrote: "Chávez is studying our documents and has said that just like Fidel [Castro] has decided to delegate his other responsibilities to concentrate on the Venezuelan situation, he [Chávez] is ready to do the same to dedicate more time to Colombia."

Colombia has long accused Venezuela of letting the FARC operate on its side of the border, allegations the Venezuelans have denied. But according to one 2005 email, from Jorge Briceño (known as Mono Jojoy, a top FARC military commander), the rebels at that time had some 370 guerrillas and urban sympathizers operating inside Venezuela.

Getting 'Rockets'

One email, apparently sent by a FARC commander known as "Timochenko" to the guerrillas' ruling body in March 2007, describes meetings with Venezuelan naval-intelligence officers who offer the FARC assistance in getting "rockets." The Venezuelans also offer to help a FARC guerrilla travel to the Middle East to learn how to use the rockets.

Colombian military analysts believe the reference is to shoulder-fired antiaircraft missiles, a weapon that the guerrillas desperately need if they hope to blunt Colombia's recent gains. "The FARC realizes that its military problem is air power," says Gen. Oscar Naranjo, who heads the country's national police.

In another email dated early 2007, FARC commander Iván Márquez describes meetings with the Venezuelan military's intelligence chief, Gen. Hugo Carvajal, and another Venezuelan officer to talk about "finances, arms and border policy." Mr. Márquez relates that the Venezuelans will provide the guerrillas some 20 "very powerful bazookas," which Colombian military officials believe is a reference to rocket-propelled grenade launchers.

An officer reached at Gen. Carvajal's office said the general was the only person authorized to comment and he couldn't be reached because he was traveling.

At the meeting with Gen. Carvajal, another Venezuelan general is described as offering the port of Maracaibo to facilitate arms shipments to the guerrillas. The general suggests piggybacking on shipments from Russia -- from which Venezuela itself is buying everything from Kalashnikovs to jet fighters -- to "include some containers destined to the FARC" with various arms for the guerrillas' own use.

A spokesman at the Russian embassy in Washington declined to comment.

The proposals to obtain weaponry are part of a broad program of economic and political support for the FARC from Mr. Chávez's government, some of which was detailed in emails that were made public in the days just after the cross-border military raid that yielded the computer files.

Another email describes a November meeting between two FARC commanders and Mr. Chávez. The commanders, Ricardo Granda and Iván Márquez, report back in the email that Mr. Chávez gave orders to create "rest areas" and hospital zones for the guerrillas to use on the Venezuelan side of the border.

Many documents talk about how to fit generous offers of Venezuelan aid to the FARC's long-term "strategic plan" of taking power in Colombia. In one document dated January 2007, one top FARC commander speaks of a "loan" for $250 million to buy arms which the FARC will pay back once it has reached power. "Don't think of it as a loan, think of it as solidarity," says Mr. Rodríguez Chacin, the interior minister, in another document.

Mr. Rodríguez Chacin's press office didn't respond to a request for comment. Earlier this week, he dismissed Colombian newspaper reports that Interpol had confirmed that the computer documents were authentic, according to an Interior Ministry press release. "Imagine somebody taking [evidence] home and manipulating it as he wants, and afterwards presenting it," he said. "What court in the world will accept that evidence?"

While the documents indicate that the FARC is appreciative of Venezuela's efforts, privately the guerrillas occasionally make fun of the Venezuelans' work habits. "It hasn't been easy for us to adapt to the way of being of the Venezuelans," complains Mr. Reyes in one document. "It doesn't seem as if they are conscious of their boring lack of formality." Mr. Chávez "always leaves things until the last moment."

--David Gauthier-Villars in Paris and David Crawford in Berlin contributed to this article


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