Ecuador Profits from Dirty Financial & Drug Crimes

February 28, 2009  Although the U.S. government of the Democratic Party likes to pretend that Ecuador is a great spot and must be assisted in its criminal cartel empire building efforts, flooding Ecuador with 5 xx more ridiculous pro drugs and pro communism actors through US AID than it ever supported for actual law enforcement activities in a most bizarre and bifurcated presentation of policies, we remind that it is Ecuador itself that must stand against the violence, the rampant criminality and the abuse of human life. It does not matter that the USA's Congressman McGovern lies a lot about Ecuador in his dishonest efforts to hide its criminal activities, it does not matter that over $40 million from the USA has poured in to Ecuador to build Correa's new narco state, nor does it matter that Correa is a sociopath who lies about everything he does. What matters is that you review the facts and make your own decisions and are motivated for a better society.
Once a year, the U.S. government releases its annual two volume report on nations and their drugs and money laundering crimes. This Report has of late included mostly recycled information from years past and is unfortunately mostly not too helpful. We urge one and all however to use this Report for what facts it does include and what it does not include. Ecuadorean so called law and order is a joke- a scam, a fraud, a chimera and does not exist except in the minds of Correa's paid propagandists and lobbyists who enjoy making lots of money to lie a lot about Correa's cartel and grow wealthy from contracts with the Soros family of US AID NGOs who lie constantly about the state of the lawless Ecuador. Contrast this Report, wimpy as it is, with the glowing Reports from the family of pro drug cartel adventurers paid by the Soros-US AID team of liars. The differences are shocking.
REUTERS reports that Argentina is offended to be lumped together with Ecuador and Venezuela:

"Argentina on Thursday blasted the head of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency for saying the country, along with Ecuador and Venezuela, could be pushed into instability by the global economic crisis.

Lumping Argentina together with Ecuador and Venezuela, both led by leftist anti-Washington firebrands, raises concern in this country." 

Argentina deserves factual definitions of its bond market machinations. And it deserves to be lumped with Ecuador for its generic definitions of financial crimes. We understand how offended the always cocktail-party ready Sra. Kirchner must feel being grouped with the cheesy, tawdry druggies from Ecuador such as the omnipresent Gustavo Larrea, of DISIP and Cuban Intelligence training and installation management. Who wouldn't be offended to be grouped with the unwanted Ecuador? Like a nasty reminder of regional criminality, Ecuador like a skunk at a garden party today is nothing but a poster child for its own dirty money laundering cess pool under Correa, lawless at best and chock full of Correa's extortion rackets.
Regarding Ecuador's standing as a drug money cartel, this Report states that, “Ecuador is a member of the Financial Action Task Force for South America (GAFISUD), and held the GAFISUD presidency in 2007.” Even though GOE held the honor as head of the GAFISUD, Ecuador disgraced itself and was found on the merits to be non compliant- out of legality- in about all of the almost 50 indicators. Ecuador is a money laundering haven for terrorists.
We are certain that these tepid words from this Annual drugs report will anger Correa. What will he do? Will he act as he usually does and stage another temper tantrum and accuse the USA of "not understanding" how things must be in Ecuador? And how his government must manipulate all facts and all realities to insure their narcissistic/selfish presentations? What is he going to do? Kick out Hillary Clinton for this Report? Frankly we do not care what Correa does or says about this. More likely he will, in his adolescent manner, ignore this entirely and claim that he has been "too busy with other matters" to understand this. He may also declare as so many Ecuadoreans do now that he simply cannot understand what it is saying- it is too much intelligence for him. These handy tools to distance all Ecuadoreans from adult responsibility in the place and in this time is not clever and is not cute- it is in fact a lazy and irresponsible tool to enable more dysfunction, which is the Ecuadorean national addiction to day. And that addiction to dishonorable analysis of what lies beneath has gotten Ecuador in to its place as... a skunk in any garden party, dirty, unwelcome and smelly. This is how all Ecuadoreans are taught to behave. If Ecuadoreans want to be welcome anywhere, they should cease and desist their addiction to dysfunction and childishness and act with honor.
This Report states, "GOE should take all necessary steps to comply fully with international anti-money laundering and counterterrorist financing standards to which it has formally committed to..."  That means: Ecuador lies about its criminality and does not comply even with the de minimums treaties and agreements. In other words, Ecuador is not compliant with normative law and order and is a drug and money laundering cartel. You do not need Congressman McGovern and US Speaker of the House telling you how wonderful Ecuador is as a drug kingdom. What you do need is to stand up to these liars and propagandists and demand normative law and order. Before your own daughter is raped. Or you are kidnapped. Or your money- what is left of it- is stolen, not by the now standard hedge fund outlaws but by your own nation of thieves.
Here then is a link to what is often called the Drugs and Thugs Report of 2009. As tepid and antiquated as it is, it remains the first tool on your box for evaluating the cesspool that is your life today. There is not one word here that is not true. The Report's problem is in not saying enough of the facts so do not write us to complain, as all Ecuadoreans do these days, that it is `just too tough.' We are long past being tough and are now squarely in to a firm diagnosis that criminal Ecuador stinks in every thing it does.
ECrisis finds this Report woefully inadequate and missing the essentials, although it does reference the fact that Correa's cartel constitution of 9-08 essentially legalized money laundering and drug running. You can still read your own constitution and you should. Obviously the paid contractors who wrote this Report forgot to study this constitution too and this is a huge error. More importantly- what few facts exist here are important. Read it. Stop self deluding- Ecuador is a mess.
To be sure, Ecuador's little remaining 2005 legal language against money laundering, a system of voluntary reporting by the criminal to a bank, is and always has been laughable, no matter how many millions the USA poured in to this inchoate so called legal amendment which of course set the stage for the current flood of money laundering gambits in Ecuador. This ridiculous law from 2005 gifts Ecuador with its claim that it fights against the crime of money laundering but then, like all good manipulative activities from Ecuador, bars actual prosecution and requirements. In other words, what the USA worked so hard to gift Ecuador between 1999- 2005 was a money laundering law in name only, bereft of normative legal tools to actually act. That law was a joke then and remains a joke today. No self respecting money launderer is going to waltz in to Banco de Guayaquil and confess, which is what that stupid law denotes. We can say this because for all its claims of criminalizing money laundering, not once ever has anyone been legally prosecuted by the Correa team for actual money laundering in this place and in this time crawling with money launderers.
We seriously hope that the next time that dishonest men such as the USA's Congressman McGovern breaks all bonds of integrity and raves about his fake George Soros-backed pro FARC cartel information, that you vocally complain that lies are not welcome. Ecuador needs a lot of things, primarily more truth telling. It does not need any more cheering sections from the godless squad of liars and manipulators. Ecuador has a constant, steady stream of these home grown and well trained manipulators- it does not need any more even though it is a well known fact that manipulators are only happy when they are manipulating someone for their own self esteem. This makes them feel good. We believe that there are honest and productive things to feel good about such as an honest days' work and a serious contribution to the common weal. But these days, you will not get any lessons on functional democracy out of the Obama White House or the Soros-led European  Union of baseless non ethics. You will get a bifurcated, cognitive dissonance producing dual track plan for putting the laborer in to a one dimensional zone as the newly named underprivileged with the lawless and unregulated financiers from the state-backed hedge and derivatives funds of the US Democratic Party money making juggernaut, all linked to the Soros fund of funds cartel, currently polluting God's gift of freedom which Soros himself has never understood nor appreciated, claiming that there is no God and that morals are irrelevant. This then is the EU and crony statism Obama USA ethos of emptiness and narcissism, sometimes called evil. You can in fact  chose to not live an a-moral life. And every time that Soros reports that normative morals and ethics do not apply to him, you can denounce his enabling plans. And every time that Correa says and does the same Soros embrace of binding one and all to dysfunction and non morals, you can reject this too.

The always honest Claudia Rosett explains it here: If Obama Turns America Into Europe…  
… Then who, or what, fills the resulting vacuum in world leadership?...

-Pedro Camargo for ECrisis

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